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Are Steel Sheds better than plastic sheds?

Plastic Sheds Vs Steel Sheds

Are Steel Sheds better than plastic sheds? If you’ve looked at any shed company based in Ireland, you might have noticed that very few of us sell plastic sheds. It’s not an oversight. Plastic sheds just aren’t popular with Shed Sellers. Why? Put simply, they’re a hassle for everyone involved. Sure, they’ve got a nice […]

What to expect from Sheds Direct Ireland’s Steel Shed Assembly option

an abstract image of pink and teal wires on a black background with the words 'what you get with Steel Shed assembly' written on top of it

Steel Shed Assembly So, you’ve picked your shed and having read our guide on self-assembly, you’ve decided that you want the Sheds Direct Ireland team to assemble it for you. That’s everything done, right? Shed goes up, everyone’s happy and we all live happily ever after, yeah? Well, sort of. Today we’re looking at what […]

Shed Lead Times written out as follows: Wooden Shed Assembly: 2.5-4 weeks Steel Shed Assembly: 2-3 weeks Steel Sheds Flatpacked 2-7 working days