Steel Shed Maintenance

Steel Shed Maintenance written on a wall in front of a pink-gloved hand holding a large orange sponge,

Steel Shed Maintenance

Steel Shed Maintenance might seem unnecessary. By their very nature, they’re very low maintenance. If they’re in the right location, they pretty much look after themselves.  However, there are some reasons why you’ll want to keep on eye on your metallic beauty. 

Let’s say you’ve bought your Garden Shed from us here at Sheds Direct Ireland. You’re delighted because it’s a fantastic shed, but also because you know that our Steel Sheds carry an 18 year Rust Perforation Warranty. Fantastic, says you. There are some caveats to this, however. The Warranty doesn’t cover everything. No Warranty does. This warranty may become void is the surface is damaged by, for example, a scrape from a rake, or a tree’s branches bashing against it consistently. 

But even warranty aside, you’ll be looking at this shed from for over a decade. For your own eye’s sake, you’ll want to keep it right. 

So there might be some things you’ll want to do to keep your shed in top-nick. Without further ado, here are our 5 top tips for keeping your garden shed in great condition for years

  1. Scratches should be dealt with immediately

    Scratches or marks even those that appear small can create weak spots in the shed’s coating that can be exploited by the elements. Consistent rain would slowly eat into the scratch, eroding it away slowly, but becoming a bigger problem over time. Before you know it, you’ve rust. 

    This is why it’s important to keep your shed in good order. While we do offer a Rust Perforation Warranty, it is voided if you’ve left a scratch, dent etc untreated.

    How do you treat it? Fairly simply. Give the damaged area a good wash down first. Don’t use a power hose (it may damage it further), but instead a simple dabbing down with a towel after a quick soapless sponge-wash should suffice. Once it’s fully dry apply a clear sealant (e.g. EpoxyShield) to fortify the area. Make sure you’ve smoothed it out, so that there’s no excess on the area. Allow this to dry fully. Throw your eye over it a week or so later just to make sure it’s correct. 

  2. Don’t block up the Vents!

    Steel Shed Maintenance needn’t be difficult. It can be as simple as moving a box. 

    We put vents in our shed for a good reason. I mean, sure they’re clearly gorgeous, but they’re also very important to keep the airflow going throughout the shed and prevent condensation from becoming an issue. For a full guide on condensation and insulating a steel shed, check out our guide here

    A picture of two clear shed vents. There is no maintenance involved here, just a photo of clear, unobstructed vents
    Clear Vents!

    Condensation is a right auld bowsey. It’s not great for the longterm life of any building, let alone a shed. The solution is simple – keep the vents clear of boxes or anything else that might prevent the air flow in and out. 

  3. Clear Your Gutters!

    A picture of a gutter with a green cartoon monster stuck in it. It is there to highlight the importance of regular maintenance of the steel shed. It says 'keep the dirt monsters out!' on it


    All our Steel Sheds have gorgeous gutters with a outlet spouts. Gutters are great for preserving a building in a climate like ours. They take the sting our of the rain that’s gathered on the roof and allow it to flow away from the walls of the shed. Perfect, right?

    Well, if the gutters become blocked up, water will become stagnant and will sit in the same area rotting away, until they’re cleared. Like a stowaway Tayto lodged inbetween your back teeth this isn’t an issue if it’s dealt with quickly. But if it’s left to rot, you’re in trouble. Check your gutters when you’re passing every now and then and make sure water is flowing out when it’s raining. (And brush your teeth after eating crisps).

  4. Check for Furry Friends 

    The best Steel Shed Maintenance is reducing the need for maintenance at all. There’s no more obvious case of this than with rodents and their amigos. 

    Your Shed is sheltered, it’s warmer than the outside and it’s got a nice air flow because of those lovely vents. It’s a great spot for a hibernating creature, just like Flash the Tortoise. This ‘little’ guy caused panic when he went wandering until he found a cozy shed to bed down in (check out his story here, it’s pretty fun).

    A picture of Flash the Tortoise looking happy (if a tortoise can look happy) after having been found. His is a dark yellow and brown tone and has leaves along his mouth. It says "that is one comfy flippin' shed" beside him

    I mean sure, Free Tortoise in your shed. Sounds fantastic. But “free family of rats”. Considerably less fantastic. 

    So keep pet food or paper in rugged containers and not loose on the floor, as these are delicious to rodents. Similarly, any clothing or fabrics should be in an air-tight container to prevent them from becoming bridal suites for the critters. And while Steel Sheds are resistant to most animals, if you leave the door open it’s like inviting a vampire into your house. So make sure you lock up when your shed isn’t in use.

  5. Store Fuels Safely in your Steel Shed

    Steel Shed maintenance can also include looking after what you have inside your shed, Many people use their shed to store Fuels. In fact, the HSA recommends not storing petrol or other fuel in the home, but in a shed instead. 

    For the safety of your family, shed and the surrounding environment, it’s advisable to be very careful with storing fuels. Remember to:

    * Keep them out of reach of children.
    * Store them away from direct sunlight.
    * Make sure the cap is on tightly and correctly.
    * Given adequate ventilation (another reason to not block up the vents!)
    * Check any stored fuels routinely. Look for animal gnawing points, spills, and check that the location it is stored is not in danger of heating up.  

    Two red bottles of fuel have cartoon eyes and mouths on them. They are comical, and confused looking. There's a note to the side of them which reads 'Don't take your eyes off them (they're up to something). Maintenance can be as simple as checking the position of fuel in your Steel Shed.

    It is also advisable to correctly dispose of all fuels at the end of each season. Fuel stored for too long loses it’s purity and becomes less efficient. Mixing fuels is never advised either. 


    With the correct Steel Shed Maintenance, your Shed should last for years

    If you follow all the above advise, there is no reason that your Steel Shed should not last for years. Most of the advise listed here is not time-heavy or physically demanding, so there’s no reason to not heed it. 

    We sell steel sheds that are built to last here at Sheds Direct Ireland. If your old one is beyond repair and you’re in the market for a new one, why not check out our options below?

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