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Best Heater: Wick Heaters VS Fan Assist Heaters (Updated 2023)

Best Heater : Wick vs Fan assist

Best Heater: Wick or Fan-Assisted So, you’re in the market for a new heater and you’ve been told that Paraffin heaters are very cost-effective. However, you’re confused about the difference between wick heats and fan-assist ones. Well relax the cold noggin, we’re here to clear up any confusion between the two. So, strap in, you freezin’ […]

Shed Cost in Ireland : The Definitive Guide (Updated for 2023)

How much does a shed cost in Ireland?

Sheds cost in Ireland In Ireland, Shed Cost is one of the most important factors for customers when deciding on a garden shed. One of the most common questions we get asked over the phone or through our Social Media channels is “How much does that shed cost?”.  And while we (and our competitors) have […]