Tall Wooden Shed : Standard Style

From: 655.00

The Tall Shed is a Standard Style Wooden Shed with a bit of extra headroom. They have a noggin pleasing 8ft apex, one window, external bolt locks, a wooden floor and they’re fully nailed not stapled. If you need a shed that’s as tall as a Cottage Style one, but with the look of a Standard Style one, well then – aren’t you in the right place!

* Wooden Sheds are measured L x W
* Double Doors are only available for sheds with widths greater than 8ft

*Pictured blue lining is only supplied with Pressure Treated Deluxe or Barrel Board Sheds

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Wooden Sheds come with 1 window as standard. Add extra windows if required. (These are fixed, non-opening windows)

Double Doors require a minimum width of 10ft

*For Shed Sizes 8ft x 6ft and below (e.g. 6×4) you do not require a cutdown service*

If you do not have side access with an unrestricted height, you will need a Cutdown Service so that the shed can be delivered. If you select ‘No’, you are stating that you have side access to your back garden, with no impediment to access with regards to height.

tall wooden shed on grass with blue sky and green hedges.
Tall Wooden Shed : Standard Style
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