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Sheds Direct Ireland is where you’ll find cost-effective, powerful and easy to use heaters. We aim to keep you warm this Winter without adding an enormous cost, or giving you a difficult to use system! So whether you need a heater for your home, caravan, something portable or even a patio heater, we have something for you here.

Cost Effective

The Inverter 5086 Heater costs as little as 14c per hour to run

CE Approved for Safety

All our heaters come with a CE safety seal of approval.

Lovely & Warm

Heat only the rooms you want to and avoid using the central heating unnecessarily.

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We stock the Premium Paraffin fuel with the least odour, Tozane. With all impurities removed, it’s the safest option available for both you and your heater

Our Range of cost-effective heaters

At Sheds Direct Ireland, we have indoor heaters, outdoor heaters, super portable heaters and fan-assisted ones too.

We stock Paraffin heaters, which are the fasting growing heaters in terms of popularity. It’s not hard to see why so many people are getting on board. They are the economically sound way to heat your home or office, without having to go to a central heating unit. They turn on at the flick of a button and you can keep an eye on your fuel levels easily, adjusting your heat levels to suit your needs.

With heater oils like Tozane now available on the Irish market, it has never been safer to use an Oil Heater. Read on below and see why so many people have made the switch to these Heaters and see how much you can save for yourself!

Electric benefits without the electric cost!

Our fan assisted heaters require mains power electricity to monitor the in-built thermostat and to power the internal fan. However, it uses less than a cent of electricity per hour to run. So while you’re getting the intelligent-benefits of an electric heater, you’re not paying through the nose for it’s heat creation!

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If you’ve any questions about our heaters, just get in touch with us! Click the green whatsapp button down the bottom right of the page to message us directly. Alternatively, you can call us at 01 864 4247. You can also get in touch on Facebook.

Paraffin heaters are far more economical to run. They are usually slightly more costly upfront, but over a year they cost considerably less than an electric fan heater or bar heater to operate.

Our Inverter Heater also has smart functions. It can maintain a specific temperature which is not only pleasant, but also saves fuel. This prevents overheating too. It also has a carbon monoxide alarm, child safety lock and a range of other benefits that don’t come with a standard electric heater.

No, none of our heaters are electric.

We offer Wick Heaters and Fan-assisted heaters. Wick heaters include the Glow Wick 290 and The Glow Wick 240

The Glow Wick 240 Paraffin Heater

This type of heater is entirely portable and can be lit automatically, via battery power, or manually by directly lighting the wick. They have no electric parts whatsoever.

The Inverter heater is a fan-assist heater. It require mains power, however they are not electrical heaters.

The Fan assist Inverter Heater from Sheds Direct Ireland

They use mains power to start the fan, for their internal thermometer and well, that’s about it. At the time of writing, the inverter uses less than €0.04 per hour in electricity (As of September 2022). A similarly powered electric heater would cost €0.68 an hour. Over 8 hours that works out at €5.44 in electricity alone.

Only use top quality, liquid combustibles with the aromatics removed, which are free from impurities in our heaters. They should have max 1% of aromatics and a flash point above 61°. Please see our fuel instructions here.

Put simply, we recommend using Tozane.

And do not use Kerosene in any of these heaters! 

These heaters use ROLF fuel. ROLF stands for ‘Reduce Odour Liquid Fuel’. While they are considerably less odourous than older paraffin fuels (like say, the ones that your granny would have used), but they do carry an odour. Most people consider this to be a minor odour, but some people are more susceptible to it than others. We recommend that you visit our store to see/smell a working heater for yourself before you purchase if you are unsure about this.

All fuel burning appliances can produce nitrogen dioxide. This can irritate eyes or noses and be a trigger for asthmatics.

In the same way that fans are not recommended to be used by people with Asthma, these heaters should not be used for the same reason. They can raise dust etc and trigger asthma. As a result, we do not recommend these heaters for asthmatics.

The first time that you use a wick heater, it’s very important that you allow the wick to soak in paraffin. Doing so is simple.

The wick is already installed in your heater. You just need to fill your oil tank and put it into the heater. The oil will slowly flow through the mechanism and soak the wick.

This can take up to 6-7 hours.

To avoid burning out the wick prematurely, you should not use your heater during this time. If you allow the wick to soak and keep it wet with the correct fuel, your wick should last approx 2 years.

Check out this video for instructions on how to change a wick in a heater. While it’s not a heater that we stock, it has the same internal make-up for the most part and it will point you in the right direction. 

Most of our heaters have anti-topple features to prevent accidents. Some have in built alarms also.

However, our Wick Heaters can pose a risk of burning as they are hot to the touch. The Inverter heater is our safest option as it has a cool casing, a child-lock and a carbon monoxide alarm too. 

We do not recommend using a heater in an unvented area. Carbon Monoxide is created in minuscule amounts by these heaters as they burn fuel. This generally isn’t an issue for large, able bodied people – and especially if the room is vented. However for very young children, it is not recommended that fuel burning heaters of any sort are used in their room – and again, especially if this room is unvented.

If you have used the wrong fuel in your heater, it is not returnable. C1 Grade Paraffin is the only acceptable oil for all our heaters. We strongly recommend that you use Tozane.

As stated on our Fuel Products Page, and on our Fuel Instructions guide, problems resulting from using the wrong fuel are not covered by our guarantee. We also outline what types of fuel can be used in these heaters in these guides, as well as our blog post on fuels.

Click here to read out full explanation on why you cannot use kerosene in a paraffin heater. 

Paraffin is a distilled version on Kerosene. It’s had the impurities and plastics taken out, meaning that it’s made for indoor use and considerably easier on the lungs. It produces no ‘soot’ unlike it’s Kerosene counterparts, so you won’t notice any ‘blackening’ or Tar build up on your paraffin heater. These build ups can also lead to problems with the Heater turning on or off. So, you can see why we only supply Tozane Fuel. 

Kerosene is not safe to be breathed in and it will damage your machine.

So while there are cheaper oils and fuels available for Oil Heaters in Ireland, none are as safe for human inhalation or lifespan of the heater than Tozane. 

Yes, all our heaters are available to be shipped nationwide.

Tozane, however, may only be available in minimum quantities of 10 drums outside of Dublin and its surrounding counties.

Why is this? The liquid paraffin is no longer accepted by any courier company in Ireland. As such, it’s then delivered by a haulier company. They charge approx €80* for a pallet delivery. As the delivery charge is so high, it makes no sense to deliver only 2 drums with an €80 delivery fee. To make it financially feasible, we offer it in drums of ten. Customers can order this and split the cost with friends, family, etc.

*Prices correct at time of writing.

Warranty Details

We offer a warranty on our heaters provided that the correct fuel is used.

If your heater breaks down for any reason (other than the incorrect fuel being used) we can look at this for you. Please note that during fixing of heaters sometimes some surface damage/scratching can occur to the surrounding casing due to the nature of the task. This is unfortunately out of our control and it will have no effect on the functioning of your heater.

Please note, we only offer repairs on heaters that we have sold. We will need proof of purchase before beginning any repairs. Heater repair may take several weeks and it may take considerably longer if parts need to be sourced for replacement.

Contact us at 01 8644247 or on Facebook if you have any questions about your warranty.