You don’t need to drill your Steel shed!

You don't need to drill your shed!

You don’t need to drill your shed!

Portrait of a smiling man drilling a hole in the wall.

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Hold up!

Put that power tool down before you hurt yourself.

All our Steel Sheds are pre-drilled and while they may require a cordless screwdriver to speed things up, they don’t need to be drilled. 


But there are no holes in this panel!

Chances are if you have a panel with no holes in it, you’re looking at Part 6 or Part 7 on a Classic Steel Shed. Both of these can be screwed through without a drill.

On the instructions it looks like this:

Part 6 and part 7 of the green colossus garden from sheds direct ireland as seen in the instruction manual

So it’s fair enough that most people assume you need to drill through, but this is not the case.

Part 7 is the runner bar of the shed. It’s made with aluminium and you can screw through it with a manual screwdriver with minimal effort – just make sure that you go through the middle and you don’t clip the top or bottom of the runner support behind it:

A picture of the inside of a shed, looking at the runner panel above the door, which has a large dip in the middle, between two bars. A green arrow points to the middle and text above reads 'screw through the middle!'

Part 6 is a very thin metal sheet that’s only included for aesthetic reasons. It covers the front of the two Part 7 panels. It doesn’t add much support or strength to the unit, so it doesn’t need to be any thicker than it is. As such, you can screw through this bar with ease too. Here’s what it looks like when you screw through both part 6 & 7 together:

The green covering panel over the door in a classic garden shed from sheds direct Ireland. Two screws can be seen going through it.


You’ve more than likely put the drill down by now and have simply screwed the necessary parts together. If not however, you may be unholstering your drill for a totally different (but still wrong) reason.


The panels don’t line up! I have to drill it to make it work!

The customer is nearly always right. But not here you ain’t, bud.

If your panels don’t line up somewhere in the shed, you’ve gone wrong somewhere along the line. The most common culprit here is your base. Steel sheds need a fully solid and level base and if you’ve cut corners on it, you’re more than likely seeing those chickens come home to roost now. This is particularly in Steel Cottage Sheds which can be particularly challenging to line up if your base isn’t solid and level.


I just want to drill the shed!

Okey dokey. I mean, we can’t stop you. Especially now that you’re aggressively brandishing that drill. Though – and we don’t want to anger you – drilling your shed will null and void any warranty that we offer. Panels that are drilled have had their zinc coating removed and are now exposed to the elements.

Rust can occur in panels that have been left untreated after being drilled or damaged. If you have drilled or damaged any panel, we recommend that you treat it straight away. Gently wash the affected area with a heavily diluted soap and water mixture. Dry the area fully (but not aggressively) and once it’s fully dry, coat it with a clear protective sealant.


I still need help!

If this informative, interesting and dare I say elegant piece hasn’t answered your question about drilling into your shed, get in touch with us. You can find our contact details on our Contact Page, you can write to us on our live chat, get onto us on Facebook or visit us in store in Finglas (here’s our google maps location)

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