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5 reasons why you need our Brilliant Balcony Furniture

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Balcony Furniture Why do I need balcony furniture? Simple, they are a great way to utilise your space efficiently. Today we’ll look at 5 other reasons why Sheds Direct Ireland’s new veranda-based products will add value to your overall patio and garden experience!   Utilise your space more effectively  Living in an apartment located in […]

What to expect from Sheds Direct Ireland’s Steel Shed Assembly option (Updated 2023)

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Steel Shed Assembly So, you’ve picked your shed and having read our guide on self-assembly and you’ve decided that you want the Sheds Direct Ireland team to assemble it for you. That’s everything done, right? Shed goes up, everyone’s happy and we all live happily ever after, yeah? Well, sort of. Today we’re looking at […]