Woodgrain MEtal Sheds

Sheds Direct Ireland is home to Ireland’s most affordable, high-quality steel garden sheds. The sheds on this page form our Budget Range. 
They’re woodgrain sheds (i.e. they’re metal sheds with the appearance of wood) and they’re arguably the best quality budget sheds on the market. 
All our budget range sheds have sliding doors, built in vents, a free floor frame, CE approval, gutters, outlet spouts and much more. If you need a shed for basic storage requirements, they’re tough to beat.
A woodgrain metal shed in sheds direct Ireland's yard
Woodgrain Metal Sheds in our Finglas Showroom. They are brown and have a faux-woodline appearance. They are standing on a concrete ground and the sun is setting behind them to the righ,creating a golden sky and a camera-lens flare onto one of the sheds
Woodgrain metal sheds
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All our budget range sheds have sliding doors, built in vents, a free floor frame, CE approval, gutters, outlet spouts and much more. If you need a shed for basic storage requirements, they’re tough to beat. 

'Budget Woodgrain' Sheds written on an orange background
Budget Shed Details

The woodgrain sheds from Sheds Direct Ireland form out Budget Range. Woodgrain sheds are Metal Garden Sheds that have the appearance of Wood. They have all the benefits of a Metal Shed (Built-in vents, gutters, sliding doors, virtually no maintenance, etc.), but they look more inviting than a standard steel shed.

These sheds are considerably thinner than our Classic, Premium or Heavy Duty sheds. They are not recommended to be used in exposed areas that experience high-wind and they myst be bolted to a surface. These sheds can dent easily. If you don’t need something overly structurally robust, the Woodgrain shed might be the shed for you. They are the most affordable sheds in the Sheds Direct Ireland catalogue and they can be shipped nationwide. 

Need reassurance about your purchase? We’re Ireland’s highest rated Shed Seller on Google Maps, we have a 4.5+ star rating on Trustpilot and we’re Ireland’s only Business All-Stars accredited shed company (three-years in a row). We’re Guaranteed Irish and a Member of Retail Excellence also.
We’re not an online-only company based in god-knows-where, either. We’re located in Finglas and have been selling sheds for over a decade to people all over Ireland. 
The awards and honours won by Sheds Direct Ireland until 2022

Important Notes: Budget Sheds

Important details for Woodgrain Metal Sheds

  • Woodgrain sheds are thinner than our Classic Range of sheds
  • They are a budget range of sheds
  • The woodgrain effect is applied via a thick sticker. This can scratch or scuff easier than steel sheds and as such, surface-level scratches may occur during assembly or over time. 
  • A one year rust perforation warranty is offered on these sheds.
  • All shed measurements include the 2” overhang required for the side guttering.
  • Sheds are sold to the nearest foot and may differ plus or minus 10%.
  • All Steel & Metal Sheds are measured Width by Length. e.g. A 6ft x 8ft shed is 6ft Wide and 8ft Long.
  • All our sheds are delivered flat packed. We can arrange an assembly of the shed, but it is important that you call us before ordering to discuss this.
  • Wooden Flooring is sold separately and not included with any flat-packed steel shed as standard. It is included with assembly, however. 
  • Minimal Maintenance is required on these sheds
  • They’re CE approved. These sheds meet all European Health & Safety & Environmental Protection Standards


Please note

  • A solid level base is required for all steel sheds. It is the customers responsibility to have this in place prior to assembling your shed.
  • For all details relating to after sales, please read ‘What to expect after purchasing your shed‘.
  • Steel sheds fitted do not include bolting the shed to the surface, as we can not be responsible for what is underneath the surface, i.e. drains, electricity etc.
  • Sealing your steel shed to your base is the customer’s responsibility.
  • For Insurance purposes, assembly of our steel shed range is weather permitting.
  • You will need to bolt this shed to your surface. Our team cannot do this for you due to safety concerns (underground waters, mains, cracking concrete etc.)
  • All of our sheds are supplied flat packed for self-assembly. They all come with predrilled holes, instructions and all required nuts and bolts. If you’re having any issue, we also have a team of fully trained customer service agents that will be able to talk you through any problems you might encounter.