The Mammoth Shed logo is a black circle with a white mammoth head in the centre

Mammoth Sheds

The Mammoth Sheds are unique sheds here at Sheds Direct Ireland. They’re as tough as nails, they’re entirely lined with anti-con felt on the inside and they’ve a heavy-duty polycarbonate window on the side. In terms of thickness, these are the amongst the thickest sheds that we offer.

The Mammoth Shed Logo
From: 1,199.00

Shed Details

There are two sheds available in this range, while different in size (see products above), they both have:

  • Internal anti-con lining
  • Built in vents
  • Sliding doors
  • Floor support frame
  • A polycarbonate window
  • and CE Approval

In terms of structure, they have:

  • 0.6mm corrugated frame
  • a 1.2mm steel frame
  • a 1mm steel door
  • and a 2mm triangular plate base.

If this is gibberish to you, don’t sweat it – all you need to know is that these are hefty, heavyweight sheds.

Exclusive to Sheds Direct Ireland

These sheds are only available from Sheds Direct Ireland and our verified agents. You will not find this shed anywhere else. 


Considering self-assembly? We have all our instructions available to view and we strongly recommend that you check these out before you choose to build the shed yourself. Any questions? Get in touch before hand and we can advise. 

Need more details?

Check out the individual product pages (above) for more information on these hefty sheds!