Air Cooler


    Stay Cool

    This air cooler will keep you colder than a snowman’s shovel.

    Remote Controlled

    If you’re in an office, stuck on the couch or just bone-idle lazy, don’t worry! This air cooler is fully controllable via the remote control.


    This has more functions than an algebra book, but unlike Leaving Cert Maths, these functions will calm you and the room around you too!


    Current Estimated Lead Times

    Wooden Sheds
    Wooden Sheds, Supplied & Fitted: 4-6 weeks from order processing
    Wooden Sheds, Flatpacked: N/A (We do not sell flat-packed wooden sheds)

    Steel  Sheds
    Steel Sheds, Supplied & Fitted: 2 weeks from order processing
    Steel Sheds, Flatpacked: 2-4 working days from order processing
    Heavy Duty Sheds: Call 01 864 4247

    Other Small Items
    2-4 working days from order processing via FastWay Couriers.

    *These are estimates, and may vary by up to 2 days.