Tipper Cart (75L)


Easy Tip! 

As it should be. This works simply, but effectively. It supports 75L and has a 50L tipping capacity.

Locking Mechanism!

Don’t let the goods out before you need them to. Push/Pull the handle to work the lock.

4 Wheels!

Don’t worry about uneven loads. This tow cart with remain upright when you want it to. It’s got a pivoting axel too, for front wheel drive.

Current Estimated Lead Times

Wooden Sheds
Wooden Sheds, Supplied & Fitted: 4-6 weeks from order processing
Wooden Sheds, Flatpacked: N/A (We do not sell flat-packed wooden sheds)

Steel  Sheds
Steel Sheds, Supplied & Fitted: 2 weeks from order processing
Steel Sheds, Flatpacked: 2-4 working days from order processing
Heavy Duty Sheds: Call 01 864 4247

Other Small Items
2-4 working days from order processing via FastWay Couriers.

*These are estimates, and may vary by up to 2 days.