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What to know about Composting

Everything you need to know about composting

What to know about Composting Composting its something you’ve likely heard about but aren’t 100% comfortable having a full blown conversation on. Worry no more, as we look to share all the basic’s you’ll need to know when it comes to composting, as we answer some of the most common questions around this sustainable form […]

Converting your Garden Shed into an office

Converting your shed into an office

Converting your Garden Shed into an office  One of the only benefits that came with the dreaded COVID, was that many businesses started allowing their staff to work from home. With the major benefits being that staff avoided those stress inducing commutes, along with saving time in the process, it was a win win for […]

Sheds Direct Ireland’s Opening Hours 2022

Sheds Direct Ireland’s Christmas Opening & Operating Hours We hope that all our customers have an amazing Christmas break. Sheds Direct Ireland will be closed over the Christmas period to give our staff some needed rest. Below you’ll be able to read our opening hours and cut-off points for delivery. Important Dates: Monday  19th  – […]

Business All Stars Super Team of the year 2022

Team of the Year 2022

Business All Stars Super Team of the year 2022 Sheds Direct Ireland are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are the recipients of the 2022 Super team of the year, accredited from the All Ireland Business Foundation. This is our first time accepting this award and we are delighted for what it means to everyone […]

How to sort a base for a wooden shed

Bases for Wooden Sheds

Base for a wooden shed Bases cause unnecessary panic for people when they consider buying garden sheds. This is especially true if you’re looking at getting a wooden shed. Unlike steel sheds, bases for wooden sheds are very simple. You just need to get the appropriate amount of blocks and we’ll do the rest. Let’s […]

Steel Sheds in Coastal Areas

Steel sheds in coastal areas written on a red and orange rusted piece of metal

Steel Sheds in Coastal Areas First and foremost it’s worth noting that in general conditions, Galvanised Steel can last almost indefinitely if’s kept dry and it doesn’t get scratched. However, in coastal area, or areas with high salt/water content, even galvanised steel will not hold up as it should to the elements. This is why […]

Shed Lead Times written out as follows: Wooden Shed Assembly: 2.5-4 weeks Steel Shed Assembly: 2-3 weeks Steel Sheds Flatpacked 2-7 working days