Corner Shed


Pressure Treated as standard!

We Pressure Treat all Corner sheds, meaning you don’t need to treat this wood annually!

The Corner Shed is a specialist shed, one that’s designed to fit into a right-angled corner without fuss. While you could wedge any old shed into a corner, this one is made specifically to reduce any ill-effects that would otherwise effect any normal shed thrown into a corner. It’s pressure treated as standard, it has a truncated front where the door sits and it will allow you to maximise the space in your garden.


Please note: We cannot offer a cut-down service on Corner Sheds.
You require side-access with unrestricted height for these to pass into your garden.


a corner shed, against two walls in an Irish back garden. There are flowers in the foreground and a chair to the side of the shed. The shed is unusual in shape, as one corner appears to have been cut off. The door is on this truncated corner, with 2 windows, one on either side of the door.
Corner Shed