The difference between Steel Sheds

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The difference between Steel Sheds

We stock a full range of Steel Sheds here at Sheds Direct Ireland. We’ve all different styles, sizes and weight available across the website, but it may be a bit much to take in all at once and on different pages, so we’ve simplified it here in one place. We’ll look at the design, the thickness of the steel, colours and whether they have windows or not. Read on to find the shed that’s right for you.

It’s important to remember that we do not offer customisation on any of our steel sheds. All sheds are sold as seen. 



Our Steel Sheds are available in four main styles: Apex/Classic, Cottage, Pent and Panoramic. The main differences between them is the roof layout, but there are smaller differences across the ranges too.


Apex / Classic Style

When you think of a shed in your mind’s eye, chances are you’re thinking of an Apex Style Shed. The apex points above the door of the shed like so:

The apex style shed explained on a small graph

These are by far the most popular style of sheds in Ireland currently. They’re very unassuming in their appearance, allowing them to be functional without being an attraction in and of themselves. They blend into any garden with ease and they can be spruced up with some bunting, garden lights or with some flower-pots nearby.

Apex / Classic Style sheds generally also have:

  • Sliding Doors
  • No Windows included as standard.
    • An add on of a window panel is available. This replaces any P1 panel on your shed. This window panel can be used back or side of your shed (but not the roof).
    • The window is 32cm (H) * 24cm (W) (The external plastic mounting is 43cm (H) * 33cm (W)

The Apex sheds in our range include:
The full Classic Steel Shed range (see here)
Premium Apex Steel Sheds (see here)
Heavy Duty Steel Sheds (see here)
Wood Version: Wooden Standard-Style Shed (see here)


Cottage Style

Cottage Style sheds are – for all intents and purposes – the opposites to Apex Style Sheds. Their door is to the side of the apex. There is no difference in eve or apex height between steel apex style sheds and steel cottage style sheds.

The cottage style shed explained on a small graph

These are great for short, but wide gardens or for those people that need a bit of natural light in their shed; all our cottage sheds come with a full polycarbonate window beside the double doors. Cottage Sheds are the next most popular style of sheds after Apex style sheds.

Cottage Style sheds generally also have:

  • Windows
  • Hinged Doors

The Cottage sheds in our range include:
Steel Cottage Sheds (see here)
Wood Version: Wooden Cottage Shed (see here)

Pent Style

Unlike the other two styles above, the Pent Sheds do not have ‘pointed roofs’, but rather roofs that are slanted from the front to the back. Pent sheds are most popular in suburban areas, where light can be limited and where space can often be restrictive. Pent style sheds also allow in natural daylight with a full width window above the door.

The Pent style shed explained on a small graph

Pent Style sheds also have:

  • Full width windows above the door
  • Hinged Doors

The Pent sheds in our range include:
The Pent Shed (see here)
The Premium Pitched Shed (see here)
Wood Version: Wooden Cabin Shed (see here)



The Panoramic is a flat-roofed shed with a thin, landscape-orientated, openable window on each side. As you’ll see later on, it’s part of the Premium Range, so it’s got thicker steel than the sheds that we’ve already listed. Panoramic sheds also come with thicker braces, built-in tool hooks and a key-lockable set of double doors. These are popular choices for those who need a lot of light in their shed.

The Panormaic style shed explained on a small graph

At the time of writing, these sheds only exist in our Premium Range. It does come in two sizes however.

The Premium Panoramic sheds in our range include:
The 9.5ft x 8ft (see here)
The 8ft x 7ft (see here)
Wood Version: N/A


Okay, so you’ve seen how the sheds look and their layouts in the above section, here, we’ll talk about how thick the steel is on these sheds.

In order of thinnest to thickest, our sheds would rank:

  • Woodgrain Sheds (.25mm) note: this are out of stock since April 2024.
  • Classic Sheds, Pent Sheds, Cottage Sheds (.33mm)
  • Premium Sheds (.5mm)
  • Heavy Duty Sheds (1.5mm)

The difference may seem very slight between some of these sheds, but there’s a notable difference in them when you get your hands on them.


Here are two examples of the difference between the thickness on the .25mm Woodgrain Sheds vs the 0.33mm Thickness on the Classic Range.


Last, but not least – windows.

Not all of our steel sheds come with windows – and as we’ve already said, we don’t offer custom builds on steel sheds. So, if you need a steel shed with a view, your options are limited.
The steel sheds that come with windows are:


Final word

By now, you should know – or at least be able to find – the major differences between all our Steel Sheds. If however we’ve forgotten something, you can contact us on Facebook, over on Instagram or you can Tweet at us and our team will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your shed question. Alternatively, you can call us during business hours at (01) 864 4247 and the sales team can talk with you.

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Shed lead times: Steel assembly: 3-4 weeks.
Wood assembly: 4 weeks.
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