Can I get a Garden Shed with no gate access?

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Can I get a Garden Shed with no gate access?

Are you trying to buy a steel shed for your garden but you’re getting denied because you’ve no side-gate or back garden access? If you live in a terraced house, you might be struggling to find a steel shed for you garden. You don’t have to look far to see that this is a common annoyance with customers that are trying to buy a new garden shed. Take some of the reviews from a popular shed seller in Ireland (that isn’t us) here, for example:


Two Google Reviews from a rival shed company. They are side-by-side which show two uphappy customers who are annoyed that a shed can't be delivered to a terraced house

We’ll look at why this is the case, as well as ways to get around this.


Why do some steel sheds require side access?

Generally speaking, some sheds are just too big to go through a house.

These larger sheds require side-access as they come in ‘complete walls’. They’re not flat-packed, nor are they available in panels – they’re basically just four walls and a roof that are latched together. They are far too big to go through any front door (the total height on these is about 8.5ft), so they require either side-access (with no height restriction), or a way to get into the back garden (that isn’t them being thrown over a wall!)

For reference, here’s one of our heavy-duty steel shed, packed and tied onto the back of canter van.


A heavy duty shed on the back of a van. It's in individual sheets and they are very tall.

You’re not getting that through any standard sized front-door. That’s great, says you, but what’s the solution to this? How do you get a shed into a terraced house, for example?


Back Garden Access


A side gate to a house on the right hand side of the frame. The centre and left of the frame are negative space created by a blank white wall of a building. The light comes through the gate on the right across the bottom of the scene.


You might not have direct access from the front of your house to the back, but anyone with a back garden gate that backs onto a lane, for example might be alright. The important part here is that the walls of the shed can be brought through without hassle. These sheds panels can’t just be tossed over a wall, or balanced on one side and slid into the other; this should be fairly self-explanatory, but we do get people asking why we can’t do this. The reason for this is two-fold.

  1. You’ll scratch the side of the shed
  2. Your Home Insurance generally doesn’t cover people acting the eejit and firing sheds at each other. So rather than you being left with a scratched shed and a substantial insurance bill (and us being left with a Fitter with one less head that he went to the job with), we don’t allow this as a means of getting a shed into your garden.


Sheds that require no side gate access

So if the above has snookered you and you need a shed that can go through a house, you are in luck. There are two main options available to you:


Flat-Packed Steel Sheds

Flat-packed Steel Sheds, like the ones in our Classic Range come in boxes. They come in 1-3 boxes (depending on the size of the shed that you order) and these are boxes are generally:

  • 6ft Long
  • 5ft Wide
  • 1ft Deep


A stack of flat-packed boxes of sheds ontop of each other. There are 4 large and wide boxes on top of each other. They are brown and the text on top is upside-down and it reads 'GREEN APEX 6 FOOT X 9 FOOT'



As such, they can be brought through a house with little issue. This means that even people in townhouses can get a shed like this into their garden with little issue.


Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds can go through houses, although larger sizes may need a ‘cut-down service’.


A wooden Chalet Shed in Dublin on a lawn with large bushes either side


Wooden Sheds are not delivered as one unit. Instead, the team will arrive with the planks of wood and panels that they need to assemble your shed in your garden. Sheds that are 6ft x 8ft or smaller can go through a house with little issue. The panels are manageable as is. Sheds that are larger than this however, require a cut-down. This means that the team will build the shed ahead of time, but they’ll cut-it down into more manageable parts to allow it to go through your house. The cut-down doesn’t affect the quality of the shed and it will look almost identical. There is a small charge for this if it is needed.


Are you still confused about getting a shed with no gate access?

Don’t sweat it! We can help you understand what can and can’t get into your garden. You can call our office at (01) 864 4247 and speak to a member of the sales staff about it. If you have something that you think will be too awkward to describe, why not text us your photos to 085-7145-148 and let us know what you need help with as best you can. Please note, these phones are only manned during office opening hours.

If you’d rather get in touch with us on social media, we’d recommend getting in touch on Facebook first-and-foremost, but we’re also pretty active on Instagram and we’re available on Twitter too.

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