Wonderful Water Features (19 styles available)

     80.00 160.00

    Solar Powered

    Don’t worry about pulling wiring up and around the garden. These Water Features are entirely Solar Powered.

    No plumbing required

    You don’t need to mess with any waterworks, simply fill these Water Features with clean water, sit back and enjoy.

    19 Styles Available

    With everything from a Birdhouse to a Lighthouse available, we have a design that’s suitable for any garden.


    A red warning notice that reads 'They solar panels require 3-7 hours charging in direct sunlight initially. Do not connect the solar panel to the water feature before it has charged up for the first time. '

    Led Lights note that reads 'The LED panels will not activate during the day or when it is bright. They will only activate when the panel is charged and it is dark.'

    A photograph of water lillies on a pond, with autumnal colours only visible throughout the scene. There are pale peach, green and pink colours, complimented by the dark navy blue. The light is soft and golden and only visible on the top right of the image. Superimposed onto this square image is the text 'Gorgeous garden Water Features'
    Wonderful Water Features (19 styles available)