Small Range

The Balcony Store

 279.00 469.00
 349.00 569.00

Other Steel Products

Bike Storage (Steel)

 350.00 620.00

Small Range

Bin Store

 260.00 450.00

Why choose a smaller shed?

As people always tell us ‘the more space you have, the more rubbish you store’ and this can be true in a lot of cases. If you don’t have a lot to store, small sheds or bike stores could be a way to get around your storage issue, without taking over the garden.

These products would require less time to self-assemble (for most people, anyway!), so you could have your product up and ready to load within hours. All the instructions for assembly are included and the products are all pre-drilled. You’ll just need a standard set tools to assemble them.

Other than the patio box, all these small units will still require a solid level base. Something like concrete, tarmac, paving slabs would be fine. If you want more ideas on bases, check out our examples of good bases and bad bases here.


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