6ft x 12ft Steel Garden Shed

From: 850.00

6ft wide, 12ft long!

This is the new longest 6ft wide steel shed from Sheds Direct Ireland.

Made with Galvanised Steel!

The panels have a zinc coating to prevent against rust

More features than a Picasso portrait!

A free floor frame, built in vents, braced walls, braced sliding doors, gutters, outlet spouts, 180cm door height, CE approval and more!

Add a window panel. This replaces any P1 panel on your shed. It can be used on the back or side of your shed (but not the roof). The window is 32cm (H) * 24cm (W) (The external plastic mounting is 43cm (H) * 33cm (W).

Shed Lead Times written out as follows: Wooden Shed Assembly: 2.5-4 weeks Steel Shed Assembly: 2-3 weeks Steel Sheds Flatpacked 2-7 working days