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Self-assembly or supply and fit?

An entirely black hammer laying flat on a deep redwood backdrop with the words 'Self assembly or supply and fit?' written on top of it

Self-assembly or supply and fit? Self-assembly, or supply and fit? It’s the big question that you’ll ask yourself when purchasing a steel garden shed from Sheds Direct Ireland. We touched on this briefly on our ’10 things you need to know before you buy a shed’ post previously, but we’re going into more detail here. There […]

Heating Oils in Ireland – What’s the Difference

A picture of an oil spill displaying the typical oil-slick of colours. It is mostly pink and blue and it appears almost shiny.

Heating Oils in Ireland are considerably cheaper than electricity currently. If you’ve gotten yourself a home oil or Paraffin Heater, you’ll already know that you’re saving a small-fortune. But can you can save more with cheaper oil? Well, that depends. Lets see where you can be saving the dosh and what’s a waste of your […]