Our Greenhouses features two distinctly different offerings, both of which are suitable for nursing seedlings and keeping your vegetation in top condition.

From: 2,999.00
From: 999.00

French Made

Our Greenhouses are imported from France (that’s why they have lovely French names) and we are the official Irish Partner for LAMS. These glasshouses are quality through and through. As the French would say, “Ils sont super!”

Quality Materials

These Greenhouses are not only beautiful, they’re built to last. The Serre has 3mm tempered glass, the Luxia has 4mm. All include base-plates, opening windows, sliding doors and lots more beside. Click into one of the listed glasshouses to learn more about that specific model.

Nationwide delivery

We can ship these glasshouses across Ireland, flat-packed for self-assembly. Whether you’re in Malin Head, Mizen Head or anywhere in between, we can get you sorted with a new Sheds Direct Ireland Greenhouse.

Greenhouse FAQs

Will greenhouses protect from frost?

Our Greenhouses offer protection from frost all winter. While you can introduce a heater into your greenhouse to maximise the benefit it offers, these greenhouses will offer up to 5° warmer temperatures inside during the Winter months. That means that outside of some sort of freak storms, you should always have a positive temperature inside your greenhouse!

Do greenhouses stay warm in Winter?

As alluded to in the previous question, yes, Greenhouses will be warmer than the outdoors during the Winter months. Generally you can expect your greenhouse to stay in the positive temperature range, except for during rare and extreme storms.

You can expect up to a 5° difference between inside the greenhouse and outside of it.

What are greenhouses for?

An odd question, given that you’re looking to buy one, but hey, we’ll bite.

Greenhouses allow you to essentially control the temperature and humidity that your plants are exposed to. This allows you to grow certain plants earlier than you would be able to otherwise outside, and in more favourable conditions.

They also offer protector from nature’s hungrier critters as well as damaging weather like hail, torrential rain or high winds.


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Serre Greenhouse in a Dublin garden
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Serre Greenhouse in Meath
Vegetables taken from the greenhouse