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Heating Oils in Ireland – What’s the Difference

A picture of an oil spill displaying the typical oil-slick of colours. It is mostly pink and blue and it appears almost shiny.

Heating Oils in Ireland are considerably cheaper than electricity currently. If you’ve gotten yourself a home oil or Paraffin Heater, you’ll already know that you’re saving a small-fortune. But can you can save more with cheaper oil? Well, that depends. Lets see where you can be saving the dosh and what’s a waste of your […]

Steel Shed Maintenance

A picture of a Green Shed with a sparkle coming off the roof of it, which has clearly been added in for effect. the words 'STEEL SHED MAINTENANCE' are written across it in red and white letters

Steel Shed Maintenance might seem unnecessary. By their very nature, they’re very low maintenance. If they’re in the right location, they pretty much look after themselves.  However, there are some reasons why you’ll want to keep on eye on your metallic beauty.  Lets say you’ve bought your Garden Shed from us here at Sheds Direct […]