How to order a Wooden Shed

How to order a wooden shed with abstract background

How to order a Wooden Shed

Let’s make this as simple as it needs to be. To order a wooden shed on our website all you need to do is:

  1. Select the style of shed that you want from the Wooden Shed Page:

    Teh full range of wooden sheds available from Sheds Direct Ireland

  2. Use the dropdown menus to choose the details of the shed that you want:

    Just click the drop down menus and select what you need.
    If you’re confused by the options, you can see the differences between them here.

    how to choose the shed for you

  3. Review the Price

    Once you’ve selected one thing form every dropdown box, the website will calculate your price. This may take up to 5 seconds. The price will appear beneath the dropdowns then. This is the final price for your shed. If you want to add one extras below this you can, but if not, this is all you have to pay for delivery and assembly of your wooden shed.

  4. Add to Cart and finish your order

    Remember, you will need to have a card that is set up for online payments to pay online. An increasing number of people are becoming frustrated because they cannot purchase larger items online. If you have any issue, contact your bank, get your card authorised and come back to finalise your sale then.

  5. Check how many blocks you need

    Wooden Sheds are build on blocks. They don’t need solid, level bases like Steel Sheds do. To see how many 4″ solid blocks you need for you shed, use our guide here.


That’s it! It really is that simple! If you have specific requirement if you have any questions, or if you just need a little help, don’t be afraid to call us at 01 864 4247 during business hours. We’ll get you sorted!

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Shed lead times: Steel assembly: 1 week.
Wood assembly: 4-5 weeks.
Steel Flat-packed delivery: 2-5 working days.