Kero 4600 Powerful Heater


Powerful like no other! 

The powerful electronic Kero ‘SRE 4600 Kero’ has a burning time of up 70 hours per 7L fill and can heat rooms up to 185 m³. The heater is ideal for large rooms or the downstairs of your house. It quickly heats up and can be placed wherever you need it.

Super Safety Features!

This safe heater is equipped with a timer, a thermostat, Carbon Monoxide sensor, anti-tip sensor, a children’s safety lock as well as inbuilt protection against overheating

ECO Function!

Save the planet (and your money). With ECO Mode on, the heater will reach the desired temperature and go no further. Save fuel and prevent overheating.

Out of stock

Shed lead times: Steel assembly: 3-4 weeks.
Wood assembly: 4 weeks.
Steel Flat-packed delivery: 2-5 working days.

Kero 4600 Paraffin Heater
Kero 4600 Powerful Heater

Out of stock