Here you will find the instructions for all our Sheds, Heaters and anything else that comes with official documentation. This list is not complete and will be continually updated.

Please be aware that the shed assembly times may understate how long assembly will take the average person with limited assembly experience (they are aimed at people who have built flat-packed products before).

Steel Sheds

Heavy Duty Products

Heavy Duty Sheds

Heavy Duty Shed instructions
(Please note, the process is the same for all heavy duty shed sizes)

Heavy Duty Garages

Heavy Duty Garage
(Please note, the process is the same for all heavy duty garage sizes)

Steel Cottage Sheds

Steel Pent Sheds

Budget Woodgrain Sheds

Other Metal Products

Bin Store

Bin Store instructions

While the instructions state that it takes only 1 hour for assembly, those with no flat-pack experience may take longer. We estimate that it takes the average person 5 or so hours to assemble.

Door Canopies


Inverter Heater

Please see the Inverter Brochure below to get more details about the inverter heater

Please see the Inverter Instructions and documents below to read about how to use your heater as well as important safety details. 


Corona Heater

Please see the video below for details about the Corona Heater