Paraffin Oil Tozane (2 Drums)

From: 96.00

Tozane deliveries have been affected:

Our courier company EcoExpress went into liquidation. Our current delivery company FastWay are not in a position to deliver oil. We are once again looking to source a new delivery company to service our deliveries. At the moment oil deliveries are affected and can be shipped out as so:

⚠️ Two Drum delivery of Tozane is CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE in: 
Cavan, Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Wexford & Wicklow. 

⚠️ In ALL OTHER counties, 10 drums can be ordered, placed on a pallet and shipped with a haulier company.


Virtually Odour Free!

Tozane is a reduced odour liquid fuel (ROLF)l. It’s almost entirely odourless and it contains considerably less sulphur than other paraffins!

Big Tank!

20 Litres per container! We ship two drums at a time so that you don’t pay too much for shipping.

High Flashpoint!

Safe to store and use in any Paraffin Heater as a direct replacement for Paraffin!

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