Do sheds come with floors?

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Do sheds come with floors?

This is a surprisingly popular question question that we get asked here at Sheds Direct Ireland. Not all sheds come with floors, which can be confusing to first time shed buyers. So today we’ll look at the flooring situation for the different types of shed that we offer here at Sheds Direct Ireland.


Wooden Sheds Floors

Good news, all wooden sheds come with full wooden floors. These floors are fully nailed (not stapled) and they are complete throughout the shed. These wooden floors are supported by blocks (you can see how many blocks you need here) and they support large weights. If you think you might need to reinforce your wooden shed floor, (putting a treadmill and a weigh set into a large shed, for example) let us know and we can let you know if it’s required. Generally there’s no extra cost for this, or if there is one, it’s pretty minimal.

Wooden Floor in a wooden shed
The flooring of the veranda from the chalet shed

It’s worth noting that all wooden sheds are raised. Their floors are all up about half a foot. This is worth bearing in mind if you plan on putting bikes, etc into your wooden shed.


Steel Sheds Floors

This one is a little trickier to give a definitive answer to. Steel Sheds may or may not come with an internal ply flooring, depending on whether you purchase it flat-packed or assembled. It’s important to know that all Steel Sheds come with an internal floor frame. This frame can be seen below. This frame needs to sit on a solid, level base, to give the shed the correct structure. A wooden floor can be laid on top of this frame.

The Base Frame on the Steel Sheds from sHEDS dIRECT iRELAND, INCLUDING A piece of ply floor for reference

Flat-Packed Steel Sheds:

If you purchase a shed flat-packed, we do not (and cannot) provide a ply flooring. Our flat-packed sheds go in boxes with a third-party courier. The sheets of ply required for a flooring are too large for them to take with them in their vans. As such, if you are opting for a flat-packed shed, you will need to source these sheets yourself.

We recommend Murdocks Merchants for these sheets. I’d like to give a price on these, but at the time of writing, these sheets have both gone up significantly in the past 3 month. Check with your local builders’ merchants for a current price. We use 18mm SmartPly here at Sheds Direct Ireland. This is thick enough to serve as a functioning shed floor, without being prohibitively expensive. There are obviously, other options available, but if you just need something simple that’ll last and which can take a beating, the SmartPly option is a solid choice.

Boxes of our steel sheds alongside sheets of plywood for scale
Pictures of our flatpacked sheds beside sheets of plywood flooring for scale.

It’s important to note that if you’re getting a flat-packed shed delivered and you opt to fit a floor inside it yourself, you will need to cut this flooring to size and affix it down to the frame of the shed. This is not something that we can offer assistance with


Assembled Steel Sheds:

If you get your shed assembled by Sheds Direct Ireland, our assembly team will supply the ply flooring, cut it to size and fix it down to the base of the shed. This is included in the assembly price that you can get on our website. Some people think our assembly option is a little expensive, but given that the ply flooring can make up about 35-45% of the cost of this price, it’s not really that expensive. We can offer our steel sheds with a fitting service that doesn’t include the flooring if you want to go this way and save a few quid on assembly.

A half assembled steel shed in a garden

Why can the assembly team offer a ply floor but the flat-packed option can’t?

Our assembly team carry about 5 flat-packed sheds in their large van, alongside the required amount of ply sheets for that days’ assemblies. These vans are large enough to facilitate this, the workman’s tools, benches and big bags of sambos.

On the other hand, the courier service that we use are generally smaller vans. These take the sheds alongside other orders that they collect on their routes. It was agreed that they would not take the ply sheets (mostly because they’d get about 2 in their van at a time) and that we would sell these sheds flat-packed without flooring.

It’s just for logistical reasons that we can’t offer ply flooring with flat-packed sheds.


Ask us any questions you have about shed flooring

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Shed lead times: Steel assembly: 3-4 weeks.
Wood assembly: 4 weeks.
Steel Flat-packed delivery: 2-5 working days.