5 Reasons why you need a Door Canopy

A two-tone blue graphic of falling rain, splashing in the foreground and disappearing into the distance. The text on top reads '5 Reasons why you need a Door Canopy'

Here at Sheds Direct Ireland, we sell high-quality door canopies. They’re the bees knees and they’ve never been as popular as they are now. If you don’t have one – or don’t understand why people are clamour to get their hands on them, read on.  They keep you and your guests dry on your doorstep […]

Heater Safety

Heater Safety is very important. I mean, it’s very boring, but it’s very important – like Maths or Politics. So we’ll try and keep this as sweet as we can while getting the important points across. This isn’t a definitive list, so remember to read any safety instructions provided with any heater too. We’re not […]

Heating Oils in Ireland – What’s the Difference

A picture of an oil spill displaying the typical oil-slick of colours. It is mostly pink and blue and it appears almost shiny.

Heating Oils in Ireland are considerably cheaper than electricity currently. If you’ve gotten yourself a home oil or Paraffin Heater, you’ll already know that you’re saving a small-fortune. But can you can save more with cheaper oil? Well, that depends. Lets see where you can be saving the dosh and what’s a waste of your […]