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Sheds Direct Ireland is home to Ireland’s most affordable, high-quality steel garden sheds. The sheds here form our Premium Range. These are a step above the standard steel garden sheds on the market.
A grey and white sign that reads 'Premium Steel Sheds'
These sheds are fully galvanised, they have sheets that are 0.4mm-0.45mm thick and 0.6mm-1mm thick galvanised tube frames. They have key-lockable doors, CE Approval, solid, one-skin doors and floor frames too.
These are quickly becoming the go-to choice for customers looking for something a little more luxurious when shopping for a garden shed. They’re Premium in every sense – except for the price-tag.

Remember, we’re Ireland’s highest rated Shed Seller on Google Maps, we have a 4+ star rating on Trustpilot and we’re Ireland’s only Business All-Stars accredited shed company (three-years in a row).

Whether you need help before you purchase, some help with your assembly, or some after-sales help, we have a blog that’s jam-packed with incredibly helpful information and you can call them at (01) 864 4247. If that’s not enough help, you can get onto one of our Social Media team during opening hours to have your questions answered in real time. We’re mostly active on Facebook and Instagram, but you can also tweet at us, if that’s your jam. So check out the range below and see if one of our Classic Steel Garden Sheds is right for you!
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How thick are the Premium Sheds?

Our Premium Shed range sheds all have sheets that are 0.4mm thick.

For comparison, our budget range and most of the metal sheds on the Irish market have steel sheeting that is 0.25mm thick.

Our heavy Duty PVC sheds are 0.5mm thick, which may seem like a small difference, but they feel considerably sturdier than the budget range. You wouldn’t warp these heavier sheds by hand.

So, while we are talking about small numbers, the difference is quite noticeable. 0.4mm is considerably above the market average and higher than our popular Classic Shed range too!

What features do these sheds have?

The Premium Apex & Pitched materials and features

  • 0.6mm Galvanised Steel Tube Frame
  • 0.4mm thick galvanised roof and wall panels
  • 0.6mm coating sheet on flat door
  • Solid, one-skin doors
  • RAL 7016 (AKA ‘Anthracite’) in colour
  • Key-locking handle
  • CE approved
  • Built in outlet spouts and gutters
  • Vented
  • Floor support frame

The Premium Panoramic materials and features

  • 1 mm Galvanised Steel Tube Frame
  • 0.45mm thick galvanised roof and wall panels
  • 0.65mm coating sheet on flat door
  • Solid, one-skin doors
  • RAL 7016 (AKA ‘Anthracite’) in colour
  • Key Locking Handle
  • CE approved
  • Built in outlet spouts & gutters
  • 2mm polycarbonate viewing panels
  • Height 226cm / 7ft 4″
  • Floor support frame
What colours do they come in?

Our Premium Range sheds are only available in one colour. It’s known as ‘Anthracite Grey’ and you can find it on a RAL chart as RAL7016. Providing that you have your computer/phone screen correctly colour calibrated, you can see what it looks like here.

What Base does it need?

All our Steel Sheds require a solid, level base. Concrete is ideal, but paving slabs, and tarmac are also acceptable. We advise that you put down a damp-proof base before you lay your base. This will greatly reduce the chances of condensation forming in your shed during the Winter months.

If you need help on how to lay a base, see our guides here. You can also look at photographs of good (and bad) examples of bases here. As we ship these sheds all over Ireland, we don’t work with any company that can do this base for you.

Where do you assemble these sheds?

We don’t assemble in every county in Ireland (not yet, anyway). We can assemble these sheds in the counties in green below.

Sheds Direct Ireland assembly counties

If I get them flat-packed, are they easy to assemble?

If you have any experience with assembling large flat-pack products, these should be no problem for you.

If this is your first time, please note that:

* Full instructions are included.
* The shed is pre-drilled. You do not need to drill the sheets.
* You need a solid, level base for these sheds. They can’t go onto grass/muck.

* The Premium Apex / Pitched Shed does not come with a floor support frame
* Concrete, paving slabs, decking and tarmac are all suitable bases. We recommend bolting your shed to your base.
* At least two people are required for the assembly of the shed
* Give yourself a minimum of 5 hours to assemble. If you have limited experience with flat-packed goods and working with flat-pack instructions, it may take twice as long.
* Ensure your base is lined up correctly.
* Remember to leave the overhang for the gutters.


What is a 'rust perforation' warranty?

These sheds have an 18 year rust perforation warranty. We coat the panels with zinc, which prevents the steel rusting. That’s not to say that you will not get surface rust – the small screws may over a decade or so may show signs of surface rust, however these are easily replaced and can be found in any good hardware shop.

Our warranty does not cover rusting that is caused by damage to the shed panels. If you scratch or damage a panel, this can allow rust in. We advise treating any scratches or damages straight away.

It is for this reason also that we do not advice placing any steel shed under a tree.

Can I modify the shed?

Our Steel Sheds are cut to be structurally solid. We do not offer customisation options on any of our Steel Sheds.

How are the sheds measured?

All our Steel Sheds are measured gutter-to-gutter, i.e. externally. Your floor size will vary to the named size of the shed. Please see dimensions listed on individual products for more information, but remember that in rare instances, our steel sheds can vary +/-10% in size.

My shed has scratches!

Most people who think that their sheds are scratched, are actually looking at the protective film, rather than the sheets. Check out our image below to see the difference. 

the sheet metal on the oremium sheds. One half has a coating of film , which is badly scratched, however the other side has had this film removed and it's very smooth and clear.

Remember, don’t use tools to remove the plastic film, as you may accidentally scratch the metal in doing so. Instead, you can peel the film from the corners and it will run down easily. Please also note that as stated on our website and in the documents that you receive upon order, our assembly team do not remove this film as part of their assembly service. 

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