PVC CLadded sheds & Garages

Heavy Duty Sheds & Garages

PVC Cladded Garages

 2,320.00 3,100.00

Heavy Duty Sheds & Garages

Heavy Duty Sheds – PVC Cladded Sheds

 1,050.00 1,750.00
 150.00 190.00

In a nutshell

PVC Cladded Sheds are the Superior choice. They’re built with the best materials, are built to last and they look great too. Oh, and don’t forget that all our PVC Cladded sheds are built right here in Ireland! 🇮🇪

With an 18 year rust perforation warranty on top of all this, you’ll struggle to find a better shed for these prices.

To lay a rebated slab for your PVC Cladded Shed or Garage, please follow the instructions below. 

An example of PVC Cladded Shed

Guides for laying a rebated slab

For Garages


Looking for a Steel Shed, instead?

Also available in Grey-White!
 699.00 1,149.00
 630.00 1,055.00
Also available in Green!
 570.00 995.00
 499.00 869.00