PVC CLadded sheds and Garages

Heavy Duty Sheds & Garages

Heavy Duty Sheds – PVC Cladded Sheds

From: 1,450.00

Heavy Duty Sheds & Garages

4m X 5m PVC Cladded Garage

From: 3,200.00

Heavy Duty Sheds & Garages

4m x 7m PVC Cladded Garage

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Heavy Duty Sheds & Garages

Floor & Joist Frame for a PVC Cladded Shed

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Why choose a Heavy Duty Shed or Garage

Our Heavy Duty, PVC coated steel sheds and garages are the Superior choice. They’re built with the best materials, are built to last and they look great too. Oh, and don’t forget that all our PVC Cladded sheds are built right here in Ireland! 🇮🇪

They have an anti-con roof lining which will absorb and drain away condensation, keep your stored goods in top-nick! It also means there are no vents, so it’s sturdy all the way ’round.

They have built in key locks too and the new doors are heavier, sturdier and better braced. You’ll struggle to find a better shed for these prices. They’re available flat-packed or assembled. See the FAQs below for more information on delivery/collections

Base Recommendations - Read before ordering.

No concrete base is required for this shed, however, we recommend fitting our cladded range of sheds on a level surface such as hardcore stone, paving slabs, tarmac etc. However, the ideal solution for a cladded shed is to lay a rebate slab. See our guide on how to lay a rebate slab.

For base sizes you will need the following as a minimum for your PVC Coated Shed:

2m x 2m: 220cm x 214cm
2m x 3m: 220cm x 314cm
3m x 3m: 320cm x 314cm
3m x 4m: 320cm x 414cm

Where we deliver these sheds to

These sheds are delivered in walls. They piece together easily, however they require a flatbed truck to move them. As such, we do not deliver these nationwide. We only supply these in the highlighted counties. Other counties can make arrangements for collections of these sheds from our Dublin Warehouse.

A map of Ireland with all the the east coast counties highlighted in green. The other counties are greyed out, as is the sea. It reads' where we deliver our heavy duty sheds'

Assembly Details
  • These sheds are part-assembled for self-assembly.
  • Recommended assembly time depending on the size you choose is 2-4 hours.
  • 2-person assembly is required.
  • Our cladded sheds are supplied without an internal floor. The internal floor is not required, however, it can be added on for an additional fee.
  • A side entrance / full access with a minimum height of 8ft 5″ is required for these sheds.
    • We can offer an assembly service for these sheds depending on location. Please contact us on 018644247 to get a quote.
  • The following measurements are the same on each of the cladded sheds:
    • 2.23m Apex Height
    • 187cm Eve Height
    • 182cm Door Height
    • 92cm Door Width
  • The following measurements are the same on each of the cladded garages:
    • Apex Height 2.5m / 8’5″ft
    • Eve Height 2.13m / 7’ft
    • Door Height 2.10m / 6’9″ft
    • Door Width 2.16m /  7’1″ft
  • Heavy-duty galvanised steel is used in our cladded range of sheds.
    • 1.5 mm galvanised structural steel framework
    • Cladding is 0.5mm PVC coated
    • Maintenance Free PVC coated steel cladding on walls and roof, no yearly treating or painting required
    • Horizontal style cladding
    • Anti-con roof lining to prevent build up of condensation
Important Notes

Internal plywood floor is not included with shed. This is an add-on. Please see here for this extra.

Guides for laying a rebated slab

Basic details:

  • 2m x 2m (Base should be 220cm x 214cm)
  • 2m x 3m (Base should be 220cm x 314cm)
  • 3m x 3m (Base should be 320cm x 314cm)
  • 3m x 4m (Base should be 320cm x 414cm)


More details:

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