Guaranteed Irish Brand Activation Champion

Guaranteed Irish brand activation champion

Guaranteed Irish Brand Activation Champion

We were beyond thrilled to hear that Sheds Direct Ireland are the August Brand Activation Champion for Guaranteed Irish. Having achieved our Guaranteed Irish status back in May, we’ve been letting everyone and their mother know about this new accolade. So it’s probably not too surprising that we were in with a chance of – and then eventually won – the brand activation champion award so quickly.

The Guaranteed Irish symbol is only awarded to companies that provide quality jobs, that support their local community and that are committed to Irish provenance. As such, it’s something that we strived towards. We are a great company and we do these things already, so we should let everyone know about it!


How we did it

We really, really ’embraced the G’ and we happily plastered it all over our website. You’re on our website now, so you can see it in our header, in our footer – and on the homepage if you pop back there.

We included it in all our Social Media posts:

a social media post from sheds direct ireland showing the Guaranteed Irish 'g' logo in the bottom left corner
We created badges for staff that carried the G logo (as well as some other fun ones too).
Three button badges that read 'I love my shed', 'we're shedly' and 'We're guaranteed irish!'
It was added it to our delivery vans
The sheds direct ireland delivery van, showing the Guaranteed Irish logo on the front and back of the van
We put it on the front desk of our showroom in Finglas
The sheds direct ireland showroom's front desk, adorned with a sign that reads 'proud members of Guaranteed Irish'
And we even added it to Alan’s Ford Fiesta that he races in. We made sure to put it on his rear bumper, so that all the cars trying to keep up with him can see it.
The Sheds Direct Ireland racing Ford Fiesta with the Guaranteed Irish logo on the side panel and read bumper

Why we did it

We didn’t just use the G for the sake of winning the brand activation champion award, however. The G reassures customers that we are a company that can be trusted. At a time like this, that’s very, very important to us. It highlights our commitment to our customers to begin with. It also gets our message out to a wider audience too. The award doesn’t come without it’s perks, you know!

Radio Adverts

Part of the brand activation champion award means that we get a radio advert. We chose Classic Hits, as it’s the radio station that all our staff listen to (and lots of our customers too, it seems!) so keep an ear out for it over the coming weeks.

Print Ads

We also had an advert printed in the Irish Times yesterday, which is a pretty big deal for us.

The Sheds team really enjoyed the whole process. We feel that getting involved with Guaranteed Irish has had major benefits for us, even outside of the obvious ones mentioned above. We are highly proud of the work that we do everyday and to have a company of their standard recognise us twice-over, really means a lot.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. We really are bleedin’ shedly.


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