Rating AI Designed Sheds

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Rating AI Designed Sheds

Today we’re looking at the AI designed sheds of the future and giving our professional opinion on them. We asked AI to design some shed concepts for us, but it looks like we shouldn’t have bothered. We’ll be scoring these eight ‘futuristic’ sheds on visual appeal, construction and practicality. Will any put us out of business overnight? Unlikely. Will we get any helpful ideas from them? Also no. But the real question is:

Will AI Design sheds in the future?

Based on this, no. We’re not there yet. However, given how quickly this area is advancing, we may need to keep an eye on it. Anyway, we’ll put that terrifying notion to one side and look at what we set out for AI to do.

What we asked AI to do

We asked AI to design sheds that would be suitable for the year 3023. We added some additional information like ‘neon’ or ‘cyberpunk’, but this was just for some visual flair. For the most part, we just let AI at it and well, it looks like our jobs are safe (for now, at least). While some of them are rather fun looking, they lack any practicality and some of the weirder designs borderline on the nightmare-inducing side of things.

Remember, if you want a shed that isn’t shooting lasers or that’s shrouded in smoke, check out our range of steel sheds. Now, with that plug out of the way, onto the fun stuff.

AI Designed Sheds

The Robot

An AI designed Shed that looks like a robot on raised legs

This looks like something you’d see in a Wallace & Gromit movie. It’s cobbled together with all odds and ends, suggesting the AI perceives the end of civilisation in the next 1000 years, perhaps, but that grim premonition notwithstanding, we appreciate the window up the top, the dishwasher door entry point and raised legs. It looks charming, if a little bockety, but it’s held together with hope alone. It’s highly impractical, but it might make a great place for a cat.

Visual Appeal: 5/10
Construction: 2/10
Practicality: 1/10
Overall: 8/30

The Igloo

An AI generated shed that looks like a pink igloo. There is no dooe and glowing pink-plants are visible through the oval door

At first glance, this one had potential. It’s got a built-in light along the door frame that illuminates the shed, it’s egg-shaped and it appears to also bend the laws of physics as there appears to be more space inside of it than there should be. That aside, we have to take points off for a lack of a door, the large step that reduces accessibility and the fact that it looks a little too much like a fancy drug-den.

Visual Appeal: 8/10
Construction: 6/10
Practicality: 2/10
Overall: 16/30

The Discotheque

An AI genearted shed design. It's a long shed with a glowing green side, one window and lasers coming out of the roof
I’m 90% sure that I’ve seen this at Electric Picnic. This one is pretty disappointing. It feels like we’ve asked a child from the 1800s to think of something futuristic, not the most advanced AI available to the general public. Glitterball-effects and string lighting are not very impressive. That said, the shed has solid fundamentals in it’s design, but major points must come off the construction as the door is hinged on both sides. A good shed, if you can get access into it.
Visual Appeal: 3/10
Construction: 5/10
Practicality: 5/10
Overall: 13/30
The Metal Gear
An ai generated shed design that looks like a three legged robot. It's a white, but rusted unit and it has vents, but no door
There’s a computer game from the late 90s called Metal Gear Solid. It’s based on the premise that some sneaky foreign regime are designing a highly mobile robot that can launch nukes from anywhere in the world. I bring it up because it looks just like this unit above. With that in mind, I’d be reluctant to put anything of value in this shed, for fear that a rag-tag espionage unit will arrive at your house and sabotage it. That said, it is fairly robust looking, but a lack of galvanisation means that it’s experiencing some surface-level rust too.
Visual Appeal: 7/10
Construction: 7/10
Practicality: 1/10
Overall: 15/30
The Daydream
An AI generated garden shed with an exposed side showing blue and pink lighting along the edges.
Overall, this isn’t a bad shed. It clearly goes back further, suggesting that there’s indoor storage that’s accessible from the other side. This visible piece is a built in pergola of sorts. Not sure if it’d hold up to the Irish weather, but it could work in less rainy climates. Side note – Those strip lights were huge a few years ago. Every teenager in the country had a window like the front window at a carnival. Perhaps they’ll come back into fashion in a thousand years, but I doubt it.
Visual Appeal: 7/10
Construction: 7/10
Practicality: 7/10
Overall: 21/30
The accident-waiting-to-happen
a shed shrouded in smoke with strip-lighting along the edges. There is a step up into the shed on wheels too
We’re not sure why there is smoke billowing out of this shed, why the windows are plastic bags or what the deal with that entrance is, but this is the worst one yet.
Visual Appeal: 1/10
Construction: 3/10
Practicality: 1/10
Overall: 5/30
The Galaxy Far-Far-Away
A garden shed with 10 droids stuck to the side of it. One looks a little like R2D2
We’re not sure how necessary it’ll be to have ten droids stuck to the side of your shed in the future, but if it’s very necessary we’ll amend the practicality score upwards then. As is, this shed looks below average.
Visual Appeal: 3/10
Construction: 4/10
Practicality: 5/10
Overall: 12/30
The Pizza-Shed
An AI Generated shed that appears to be made of pizzas
This one really stood out. AI generally throws out images in the same wheelhouse, unless you intervene in someway. This, however, came from left-field entirely on it’s own and we’re not totally against. It’s highly impractical, you’d never get the feckin’ crows off it and it’d be honkin’ smelly in Winter, BUT it does possess a weird charm.
Visual Appeal: 3/10
Construction: 5/10
Practicality: 1/10
Overall: 9/30
AI Designed sheds look rubbish. Will AI get better?

Of course it will – but until it learns how to fabricate, distribute, sell and offer award-winning after-sales assistance, we don’t feel like we’ve to worry about it at all; and good luck to AI getting Guaranteed Irish recognition too! If you want a real, solid and dependable shed, look no further than Sheds Direct Ireland. Check out our Instagram for more fun content, shed information and to get the few scoop about our upcoming discounts.

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