What’s the best hand truck for you?

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What is the best hand truck for you?

Are you looking for the best hand truck on the market? If you are working in a warehouse or constantly lugging heavy items from A to B, a good hand truck can be an absolute lifesaver. There are dozens of different types available though – and some are more suitable for certain situations than others. So today we’re looking at their situational benefits (and drawbacks) and answering the question of what is the best hand truck for you.


Difference between our Hand Trucks:

3 in 1 Trolley:

The 3 in 1 Trolley is a convertible hand truck that moves to suit your needs. This beauty easily transforms between its 3 features; Hand Truck, a Flatbed or a 45° Sac Truck. Save yourself from getting a back injury by letting this trolley do all the work, because by god it can do it all. It’s nice and light which allows you to bring it anywhere, but as strong as an ox with it being able to hold up to 350kg!

Supports up to: 350kg as a flatbed / 270kg as a hand-truck
Weighs: 19kg
Wheel Type: Pneumatic Wheels
Plate Size: 18″ x 7.5″ / 46cm x 19cm

For more information on this bad boy, check it out here.

This is one of the best hand truck in the market. In the picture you can see the three features which are handtruck, flatbed and 45 degree angle

Best used for: This hand truck can do it all. You’ll find moving all kinds of goods a doddle with the variety of features. This is the ideal Courier Companion. It’ll lift boxes, large white-goods or awkward loads with ease.

Not Suitable for: It’s heavier price-tag and large variety of functions means that this might be overkill for small offices that only use hand trucks for one task infrequently.

2 in 1 Trolley:

Our 2 in 1 trolley is as handy as a cheese grater when you want grated cheese. This beauty converts easily between a standard hand truck and a platform trolley. It’s a dream for couriers but also ideal for offices or a warehouse. If you constantly find yourself lifting heavy boxes around your work space, this hand truck would be a great purchase. Your back will be glad you did it.

Just like the 3 in 1 trolley, it’s made of aircraft aluminium, meaning it’s lightweight but very robust. This trolley will carry up to 300kg for you without any hassle.

Supports up to: 300kg as a flatbed / 250kg as a hand-truck
Weighs: 18kg
Wheel Type: Pneumatic Wheels (and caster wheels)
Plate Size:10.25″ x 18″ / 27.3cm x 45.7cm

Check it out in further detail here: 2 in 1 Trolley

This is one of the best hand truck. In the image you will see the 2 in 1 hand truck. It shows the two features which is standard and the platform trolley.

Best used for: It’s The 2-in-1 is perfect for couriers who are in a rush or offices that need something robust and manoeuvrable. It transforms much quicker than the 3-in-1 and it offers a standard hand-truck service as well as the benefits of a flat-truck.

Drawback: If you’re only after a standard hand-trolley and don’t need the flat-bed, this is overkill.


The Incredible Industrial Hand Truck (Yellow) with extendable plate (300kg)

If you were on the hunt for the Ultimate Hand Truck for a courier, you’d find it hard to come across one better than this yellow piece of kit. It has am extendable footplate as you can see in the image below and can carry loads up to 300kg. It’s got a nice high back and Easy-Grip Plastic Handles that makes the user experience a dream. If you’re lugging super heavy objects around all day long, this is the best hand truck you could get your hands on.

Supports up to: 300kg
Weighs: 30kg
Wheel Type: Pneumatic Wheels
Plate Size: 7″ x 19.6″ / 18cm x 50cm

Take it look for yourself, Industrial Hand Truck (Yellow) with extendable plate (300kg)


This is an image of the Incredible Industrial Hand Truck (Yellow) with extendable plate (300kg). This would be the best handtruck for couriers who are lifting heavy duty hand trucks.

Best for: Heavy-handed users, who need to move long, heavy loads. It’s our least expensive hand-truck that’ll support up to 300kg too.

Drawback: This is a bulky boy. Even with the extendable footplate drawn in, it is far more cumbersome than other hand trucks.


Collapsible Hand Trolley:

If you looking to be efficient with space, our collapsible hand trolley is the best hand truck that you’ll get your hands on. This blue bombshell works perfectly as a standard sack truck but then can fold away to nothing when it’s not needed. When we say condensed to nothing, we mean it! This hand truck folds down so small it can be thrown into the back of a mini cooper, never-mind a truck or a van.

Supports up to: 140kg
Weighs: 11.6kg
Wheel Type: Pneumatic Wheels
Plate Size: 11.5″ x 9.5″ / 30cm x 25cm

This is the ideal hand trolley for a small business, office or bike courier. See it in more detail here: Collapsible Hand Trolley

This is one of our best hand truck. The image shows the 2 of the blue hand trolleys. One fully erected and one condensed.

Best used for: Small business, offices or bike courier. It weighs only 11.6kg and the footplate folds up, so it’s a doddle to transport. They’re particularly great if you’re stuck for storage space.

Drawback: It only supports up to 140kg, so if you need something for larger loads, look elsewhere on the list.


Hand Truck with Folding Footplate (200kg)

This beauty is not only super practical but it’s a real looker as well. It’s simple and practical which is everything you’d want from your hand trolley but what separates this from the rest is the folding footplate. This feature gives you the benefit of being able to size down the trolley if you want to store it in small/tight spaces. It’s also great for by-passers, who don’t have to worry about whacking their shin off the footplate. That’s not all either, not only is this trolley lightweight but it can hold up to 200kg. Mental carry on!

Supports up to: 150kg
Weighs: 8kg
Wheel Type: Pneumatic Wheels
Plate Size: 30cm x 25cm

For more information on this handy piece of kit, visit: Hand Truck with Folding Footplate

The image shows the Handtruck with the fold plate but showing both features. The left side has the plate folded down and the right side has the plate folded up.


Best used for: This is a perfect standard hand-truck. The large back and folding footplate make it versatile and it won’t break the bank either.

Drawback: It’s not bursting with features, so if you need to move a variety of things, this might not cut it.


P Handle Sack Truck, Red (150kg)

The P Handle Sack Truck is the ultimate everyday use Hand Trolley. It’s perfect if you need something that will “do the job” but not cost you mega money. The footplate measures 35cm x 22cm, providing a sizeable surface area for carrying large loads and its got a nice long back to assist you even further. This scarlet showstopper is the simple option when it comes to our hand truck range.

Supports up to: 150kg
Weighs: 10kg
Wheel Type: Pneumatic Wheels
Plate Size: 13.7″ x 8.6 / 35cm x 22cm

See some of its great features by clicking: P Handle Sack Truck

The image shows the red P handle trolley with a wooden fence behind it.

Best used for: Simple transporting needs. This is a no frills, bare-bones, ready to rock hand truck.

Drawback: It’s a super simple handtruck that only supports up to 150kg. If you’re lifting whopper loads on a daily basis, this could leave you wanting.




As you can see from the information above, we’ve got hand trucks for all needs and situations. Whether it’s lifting heavy duty products across a warehouse or carrying a box of paper to the photocopier, Sheds Direct Ireland have got you sorted.

Any Questions:

Hopefully by now, you know which of the above is the best hand truck for you. If you’ve any questions, call us at 01 864 4247 or message us on Facebook and we might be able to help more in person.


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