Why we’re the Top Garden Shed seller on Google Maps

Why we're number one on google maps

Top garden sheds seller on google maps, Sheds Direct Ireland

If you’re thinking of getting a new Shed this year, why not get one from Ireland’s most reviewed (and highest reviewed!) shed companies on Google Maps? At the time of writing, we’ve over 290 reviews and a 4.5+ star rating. They can’t all be wrong! So read on to see why Sheds Direct Ireland is held in such high regard from people who’ve already purchased from us – and see why they come back to us too! First off, lets look at the reviews!


The Reviews

If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Hey, any auld eejit can write a review of a place on Google Maps!’, you’re right. They can. But a quick glance at our reviews, and you’ll see not only are there lots of reviews, but there are also lots of ‘Local Guides’. These avid reviewers are the cream of the crop in terms of reviewers and they generally have a big history of reviewing local stores.


A google review for Sheds Direct Ireland in Dublin, which compliments that quality and installation of the garden sheds

Another Positive review

A review by a local guide of Sheds Direct Ireland, which complements the garden shed in Dublin that they received

These guys know what they’re talking about – and well, they clearly have good taste too. With that in mind, you can be assured that our reviews are all above board, but feel free to check them out yourself if you need some reassurance!


The Bad Reviews

We know that we have one-star reviews too. In fact, we’d encourage you to read them – the vast majority of these reviews are from people who opted to self-assemble a steel shed, but who didn’t follow the instructions. We advise that self-assembly isn’t for everyone and we’ve a FAQ section that answers many of the complaints that are listed amongst these reviews.

Regardless, you should read these reviews yourself to see what pitfalls these folks fell into. Afterwards you can wonder how we can ever properly function as a society when people who opt to self-assemble a steel shed are then very irate that they have to self-assemble a steel shed.


We Offer Various Styles of Garden Sheds

At Sheds Direct Ireland, we don’t just stock one type of shed. We have Enormous sheds like the Colossus and itsy-bitsy ones like the Tiny Shed too. But size isn’t the only differential that we offer. If you’re looking for something elegant and sturdy, we have a Premium Range. Are you looking for something more budget-friendly? We’ve got the Budget Woodgrain range that’ll keep you and your wallet happy. We’ve storage boxes, patio boxes, balcony stores and so much more.

If you need a Garden Shed, start with Sheds Direct Ireland. We’re sure to have something here for you.


The 8ft x 6ft steel garden shed on the Sheds Direct Ireland lot. It's a white-white colour with green trim. It stands on cobblestones that are goldish in colour and the showroom walls are visible behind it.



We offer really competitive prices on our sheds, which if you’ve been searching around it probably pretty apparent to you. However, we also offer better value. 

Take for example our Budget range. It’s similarly priced to other budget ranges on the Irish market, but that’s only half the picture. Our budget range of sheds has taller doors, thicker steel, braced walls, vents, gutters and more. So while there’s no much difference on the bank statement, there’s a world of difference in the back garden!

Our Classic Range is a really well priced, solid shed. Of course, there are considerably thicker steel sheds out there in the market, but these are oftentimes five or six times more expensive than our Classic Range of sheds. If you need something for general storage, say the storage of garden tools and bikes, the chances are that you don’t want – or need – to spend over two grand on your shed.

If you’re looking for a shed for your back garden and you don’t want to worry your wallet, you should start your shed search here.



Where you’ll probably notice a positive trend in our reviews, is through our Support. Indeed, the vast majority of the few negative reviews that we have, are issues that either could have been fixed over the phone or through the customer reading our FAQ section. Our FAQ covers everything that we get asked and if ever we’re asked something that isn’t in it, you can be sure it’ll be sitting pretty there within the week.

We’ve also guides on everything from what makes a good base for a steel shed to the differences in the types of wood available – and this is before you remember you can call us at any stage at 01 864 4247 to discuss any issue you may be having. If you’re not the talking type, you can always just message us on Facebook, too!


A wooden Chalet Shed in Dublin on a lawn with large bushes either side



The materials that make up your shed are as important as any blog post (even if they are written by a ruggedly handsome chap). At Sheds Direct Ireland, we give you such a wide range of options that you can find a shed for any situation or budget. We have the thickest steel in the Irish budget range of Steel Shed, our Premium Range is made with galvanised steel throughout, we offer dozens of variations of wooden shed finishes and more besides. You can be sure that your Sheds Direct Shed is made with a best in class approach, regardless of what range that you’re looking at.


Try us for yourself

There’s not much more that we can say to convince you that Sheds Direct Ireland is the safest pair of hands for your new shed. All we can say is that you take the plunge  and visit Shedsdirectireland.com and order your new shed today. Just don’t gorget to leave us a review when you’re done.

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Shed lead times: Steel assembly: 3-4 weeks.
Wood assembly: 4 weeks.
Steel Flat-packed delivery: 2-5 working days.