Which heater should I buy?

Which heater should I buy

Which Heater should I buy?

If you’ve browsed our heater section, you might be asking yourself ‘which heater should I buy?’ To the uninitiated, they all look similar enough. Sure, some are bigger than others, some have fancy displays on the top and some look pretty basic – but overall they’re not drastically different. They’ll all heat you up, but in different ways. So which heater do you need? Well you beautiful inquisitive person, you, we’re here to help you find the one that’s gonna rock your world and heat your toes.

Before we begin, you should note that these are all paraffin heaters. They use paraffin oil (like Tozane) to heat and as such, they are very cost-effective. We’d strongly suggest that you check out the heater section in our FAQs too, to understand all that these lovely heaters entail.

Right, onto the good stuff and let’s start things off with a real beauty.


The Inverter

The Fan assist Inverter Heater from Sheds Direct Ireland

The Inverter Heater is our most popular heater. It’s CE approved and it’s fan-assisted, so it blows heat around the room. It’s got more safety features than a 6-armed nurse made of Sudocrem and it’s smarter than your dog. (Your dog is still lovely though)

Best For: Effortless Heating 

The Inverter is great for comfort. It maintains your desired temperature, so you don’t need to get up and down to change the dial like you would with a wick heater. It can also be programmed to come on at a given time, meaning you can wake up warm. The internal thermostat will also prevent the excess burning of fuel, so over time the Inverter is exceptionally cost-effective. Add to this all the safety features that are packed into it and this is a real plug-and-play heater.

Avoid if: You don’t have mains power 

While cheaper in the long run, the Inverter has a larger up-front cost than any wick heater. If you’re on a budget, it may not suit your needs now. It also requires a mains power connection at all times. If you’re in a caravan, on a boat or want to go portable, this heater will not suit your needs.

See more about the inverter here


The Rocket Heater

photo of a Rocket Heater for heating large spaces

The Rocket Heater is our biggest, most powerful and noisiest heater.

Best For: Heating a large area (eg. an office) 

The Rocket Heater is perfect for offices or warehouses. It’s exceptionally cost-effective to run in the long run and it can even run on diesel, kerosene or Tozane, once you don’t mix them. It’s got front wheels and an easy-carry handle, meaning it can be brought around warehouses or sites as needed. With a heat output of 102,000 BTU/hr, it’s a monster of a heater.

Avoid if: You don’t need a super-powerful heater

This heater is made for large, relatively open spaces. It’s not safe to use inside an unventilated area. On top of that, it’s quite noisy when in operation. This will heat you up quickly, but you wouldn’t want to be standing directly in front of it for any duration of time. Use it in larger areas only.

See more about the Rocket Heater here


The Camping Stove

The Camping Stove outside with a fence behind it

The Camping Stove is a heater that doubles up as a portable cooking stove. It’s lightweight, super simple to use and great for fishing or camping trips.

Best For: Outdoor heating

Unsurprisingly, the camping stove excels outdoors. It’s got an easy-carry handle, a flat head for a frying pan and an easy to use temperature control dial. You can take this heater with you anywhere.

Avoid if: You want an indoor heater

The Camping Stove is not for use indoors as it does not have anti-topple protection. If you were to knock it over, it’d continue to ignite and it would be a really dangerous indoor hazard. It is also more ‘fume-y’ than other heaters, so using it inside a tent, is not advised either.

Check out the Camping Stove here


The Glow Wick 240

Best For: Portable Heating

The Glow Wick 240 is our lightest, smallest indoor heater. It’s perfect for bringing with you around the house (we’d advise turning it off when it’s being moved) and it doesn’t take up too much space in your sitting room. It’ll heat for 14.5 hours with a full tank, meaning that you’ll get about 85 hours worth of heat from one drum of Tozane.

Avoid if: You want a very powerful indoor heater

While small and portable, the 240 is our least powerful heater. That’s not to say that it won’t keep you warm in your sitting room or kitchen (it will), however, it would be less useful in heating a large room or office, for example.

Get a Glow Wick heater for yourself here


The Glow Wick 290

The Glow Wick 290 Heater with a fence behind it

Best For: If you need a super-powerful wick heater

The 290 is the most powerful heater in our wick-heater range. It’s a big, bulky unit with a whopping heat output (2.9kw). It is ideal for heating up large rooms or even smaller rooms at a lower temperature output.

Avoid if: You don’t want something overly big or heavy

The 290 is a big, bulky boy. It might not be ideal if you’ve dogs or children running around, as it’s a much bigger target for them to whack off than the others in the range. It’s also heavier and when it’s big tank is full, so it’s not as easily made portable. You wouldn’t need to be Hulk Hogan to lift it, but it wouldn’t be an easy task when compared to the rest of the heaters in our range.

Check out the Glow Wick 290 Heater for yourself here


The Ronan Heating

A picture of the Ronan Heating on a green background with text above it that reads 'The Ronan Heating'. White musical notes appear behind it and below it there is small text that reads 'stereo sound bluetooth speaker and infrared heater'. The bluetooth logo is beside this in red

The Ronan heating is a specialist heater. It’s an infrared heater, meaning that it has no heat-loss like other heaters. That said, it’ll only heat what it is aimed at and it doesn’t heat the air around it.

The Ronan heating has two other notable benefits that the other heaters do not:

  • It’s wall-mountable
  • It’s got a high-quality built in bluetooth speaker


Best For: Entertainment

This heater can be mounted on a wall outside and allow you to add some tunes and some heat to the chilly late-evening air. It can be installed in Bar’s smoking areas, adding sound to the football match on the TV while keeping patrons warm. It’s a great way to liven up an outdoor space.

Avoid if: You want something simple

With a remote control, Bluetooth features and mounting brackets, the Ronan Heating isn’t as simple as any of the other heaters in the range. Sure, it doesn’t need fuel, but it’s not for those who’d consider themselves not very tech-savy.

Get yourself a Ronan Heating now


Hopefully, we’ve helped you find out which heater is the one for you. They all have their uses and depending on what you need, we have something suitable for you here at Sheds Direct Ireland. If however, you still have questions, you can get us during business hours on the phone at 01 864 4247 or over on Facebook.

And we’re blue in the face saying it, but remember – DO NOT USE KEROSENE IN ANY OF THESE HEATERS!

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