5 reasons why you need a water feature in 2023

5 reasons why you need a water feature

Why you need a Water Feature in 2021

Here at Sheds Direct Ireland, we sell a wide variety of water features that will add a touch of magic to your garden. Whether you want to hear the relaxing sound of trickling water or if you’re just looking to add that final jewel to your outdoor masterpiece, we’ve got something for everyone. If you’re on the fence, check out the 5 reasons why you need a Water Feature this year.


1. They’re Solar Powered

A massive advantage when it comes to solar-powered water features is that they require no electricity! The Sheds Direct Ireland water features can be working away, looking and sounding great – and all this movement won’t cost you a penny. There’s no need for pulling wires all over your garden, either. Just place the water feature anywhere with decent daylight, and you’re off to the races. It is a once-off investment that will effortlessly add tranquillity to your outdoor area. Ideal. 


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2. Low Maintenance 

A new garden water feature is not going to be added to your mile-long list of weekly chores. It requires very little maintenance to keep it looking gorgeous. Just change the water out when it starts to look a bit murky and have a peek for fungal development once a year. You might throw your eye over the pump every now-and-then too, making sure that it’s not coming loose or that it hasn’t been blocked with leaves or debris. 

If you want the easy-life, you’re in luck. You needn’t worry about any hassle with these water features once they’re up and running.



3. No Plumbing Required

We all love the idea of having a peaceful water feature in our back gardens but we don’t want the hassle of messing with waterworks or having to call a plumber, right? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Our garden water features require zero plumbing. Once you’ve let the solar panel charge up, all you have to do is fill the back of the unit with clean water, and well, that’s it. You’ve quickly and easily turned tour garden into a mini paradise. 



4. They’re great for your local wildlife

Not only are our water features beneficial for your wallet, but it is also fantastic for local wildlife. Sure, they add character and charisma to your outdoor space, but they also inspire wildlife to wander into your garden and provide the perfect water-cooler for birds to drink and splash about in. We’ve encountered a few sparrows chilling around ours in the showroom and it’s a pretty nifty sight. Given that they’re entirely powered by the sun too, they’re only adding charm



5. multiple Different Styles are available 

I haven’t even seen your garden, and yet I know we’ve got something for you in the range. All it needs is the touch of Zen that Sheds Direct Ireland water features can provide. Get your creative hat on and really think about the design your garden needs. Then all that’s left to do is have a gander at the numerous different styles we have to offer. From birdhouses to lighthouses, we have what you need to transform your garden into your very own happy place!

Looking to order a Water Feature?

If you like the sounds of all of this and want to get one for yourself, you can check them out at here: Water Features.

If you have any questions about these Water Features, send us a message on Facebook or call us at 01 864 4247.

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