Everything you need to know about a Sawhorse

everything you need to know about saw horses

Everything you need to know about a Saw Horse

Not sure what a saw horse is, what it’s used for or how it works? No sweat. Read on to get the knowledge.

What is a Saw Horse?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, lets first clarify what  is a sawhorse, to start it has nothing to do with seeing a horse in the past. A sawhorse is made of two frames that are used to support a material that is being cut by a saw. It acts as support giving ease to its user ability to cut through the material on the chopping board or in this case the sawhorse and can be made from plastic wood or metal. They are comprised of three components: The legs, the leg brace and of course the top. Most sawhorses are made with the basic 15-degree angle with the legs fanning out at another 15-degree angle.


Great for DIY & Construction Work

Sawhorses can be used in many ways however for obvious reasons it’s predominantly construction / DIY work. From DIY enthusiasts to full time site workers, for light weight to heavy duties, a sawhorse will come in handy . Before you go out and grab one, let’s go over some of the important details you might need to know before buying one yourself.Your days of nearly cutting the dinner table in half will soon be over

Should I get a saw horse or a bench?

When deciding what you need you should first think about the space that you’re working with. Most DIY recreational users might not have the space at home to install a big spaced bench. The major benefit with sawhorses is they are in most cases foldable, meaning that they can be neatly put away when not in use. For the case of construction work it is likely that a bench will be needed due to the consistent heavy-duty work, however having a sawhorse as backup could prove invaluable especially if you are working on different sites as they are fully portable and easy to manoeuvre to different parts of the site.  They prove an additional option when there is a lot of materials that need to be sawed increasing productivity. You’ll be cutting your workload in half if you know what I mean.


Should I get an adjustable Saw Horses?

Depending on the material your sawhorse is made up of will be a major contributor to its storage and adjustable quality. With many wooden sawhorses (depending on where you get it), you will be unlikely to be able to give you adjustability, in terms of height as they tend to be ridged and can be slightly awkward to store. The major benefit of plastic versions is that they are cheaper however they would generally deteriorate the quickest and have the shortest lifespan. A more versatile option that offers the best of both would be metal sawhorses. A metal option offers reliability in longevity and flexibility. Telescopic legs are a must in our research! They allow a user to adjust the height to suit them avoiding unnecessary back pain from working on a bench / sawhorse that is loo low or too tall for the person. Meaning you’ll be able to turn your sawhorse into a sawfoal.

What to look for when buying a Saw Horse?

This is a common question we are asked so have summarised the benefit of purchasing one of the Sheds Direct Ireland sawhorses which you can find here , once you read the full spec on these sawhorses you will see we have simply thought of everything when it comes to providing the right sawhorse for your DIY / Construction needs So grab one now you’d be hoofing mad to miss out.

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