How to keep rodents out of your shed this winter

How to keep rodents out of your shed

How to keep rodents out of your shed this winter

Hello folks, with winter fast approaching and the woeful weather that comes hand in hand, we thought this would be a topic of concern for many of our customers. The season can bring with it unwanted visitors to shed owners in the shape of rodents. As these creatures look for shelter, food and warmth that can often be found in many peoples garden sheds. Unfortunately  it can be near impossible to guarantee these pests from getting into your garden, however hopefully through use if you follow guidelines you can minimise the chances of it occurring, along with giving them good reason to leave quickly.

An Image of a Shed to close to a wall

Don’t build your shed next to a wall

As discussed in our blog dedicated to the subject of can I put my shed anywhere in the garden. We would always advise not to build next to a wall for several reasons, one of the major ones being that if there is a gap between the shed and the wall this will give mice and rats a secure place to hide from the cold and predators. However due to garden sizes, we realise this might not be a realistic option for many, but if you can, we would always advise not too.

Seal access points

It’s mad to think but most rodents can squeeze their body through nearly anything, with the ability to fit down to the size of a 10c coin, crazy we know!!! So if you see anywhere on the outside of your shed that could fit your finger through, be sure to seal it off. Just don’t block the vents on your metal shed as you will get condensation. An alternative is to put a mesh at the back of the vent to solve this issue.

A messy Shed

Get rid of bedding

If you have anything that might be the slightest bit comfortable such as fabric like cotton or foam, get rid of it. You can bet that anything soft would look like a cozy bed for these pests. Shockingly they’re not too fussy when it comes to bedding and can even find comfort on cardboard and newspapers so be sure to keep your shed nice and tidy to avoid giving these vermin a reason to stick around. Sorry mother mouse, no room at the Inn. If you do have cushions etc store them in a plastic or metal box with a lid that they cannot access.

Don’t keep food in your shed

Probably the biggest draw to your shed will be a source of food. Mice will be happy to chew away at seeds or bird feed if they find any lying around in your shed. Also pet food is a big attraction for these rodents to look for in your shed. I know to humans these things wouldn’t be much to smell but for these little nuances, it’s like smelling a nice Chinese on a Friday night, delicious! So be sure to cut out any source of nutrients and they will be on their way.

Tomy And Jerry

Get a cat

If you’re really paranoid about rodents, then it might be time to invest in a cat. Not just amazing companions, cats are great at hunting unwanted pests in your garden, and it serves as great exercise for them. Think of a cat as your garden sheds own personal bouncer or an episode of Tom and Jerry, except this time Jerry gets eaten.

No guarantees

Well that’s all. Again unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee of keeping rodents out of any shed, however if you are unlucky enough to encounter any and follow these steps, their stay will likely be short lived.

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