What to know about Composting

Everything you need to know about composting

What to know about Composting

Composting its something you’ve likely heard about but aren’t 100% comfortable having a full blown conversation on. Worry no more, as we look to share all the basic’s you’ll need to know when it comes to composting, as we answer some of the most common questions around this sustainable form of recycling.

What is composting?

For those that aren’t quite sure, composting is the process by which plants, food waste, manure (basically any organic material) begin to decompose. Simply put, it’s the recycling of food and garden waste so that it can be repurposed for reuse in your garden, once it has been converted into compost.

Different types of compositing


Man holding fresh compost


There are two main types of composting which are known as cold and hot composting. We will be discussing primarily the cold method, as although it’s a longer process it is far easier and requires less work.

The most effective way of doing this is through a compost bin, one that promotes steady airflow which allows microorganisms to break down the materials. We won’t get too scientific, essentially the air helps these tiny organisms do their thing and break down your bits.

When is compost ready?

This can really depend on the method of composting that you’ve chosen, along with external factors such as the weather. A key factor to get your compost cooking is around where you keep your compost bin. You’re going to want to leave your bin in a place thats not too wet or dry, you have to find that spot that’s juuuusssttt right in order to optimise the composting process, ensuring  it doesn’t dry up or become soggy. If you do this correctly you’re looking at between 2-4 months to a year for your compost for ready for usage,

You might be dropping in loads at different times in which each batch may decompose at a different rate. With your fresh compost likely resting at the bottom of your pile. Luckily many new compost bins allow you to remove the ready to use compost through door compartments at the bottom of your bin, instead of trying to bury it out of compost that’s just not ready, including our new metal compost bin which includes this important feature.

What substances can I compost ?

Everyday garden compost bin popular with many gardeners as a way to recycle kitchen waste

As stated earlier any organic materials can be composed so essentially anything that ever lived can be composed including you (scary thought)! This also includes plants and garden waste such as clippings, weeds, leaves etc.

Can meat be composted?

Although meat can be composted it is not recommended, this is mainly due to the smell it produces in which it can attract some unwanted pests to your garden, so when it comes to your leftovers it might be best to leave them out of your garden compost bin.

The benefits of composting 

Seedlings just sprouting

Where to start, a big benefit of composting is that what you put in can be reused in future gardening. Compost acts as an amazing fertilizer, with natural soil absolutely loving the stuff, with it giving nutrients and allowing your garden beds or vegetable patches to flourish.  As well as that, with the cost of living going up and up in Ireland, it’s no better than the present to look for ways to save that little bit of money, with composting you can reduce your general waste spending. Lastly and most importantly if everyone were to invest in a compost bin, it would greatly reduce landfills wastage, which I’d imagine mother nature would be fairly grateful for.

Well folks thats all we have to share around composting and hopefully this will have convinced you to consider this amazing sustainable way of recycling your organic waste. If so here at Sheds Direct Ireland we are now selling a fantastic metal compost bin which is a great alternative to plastic bins and will last longer than wooden options.

Any Questions?

Here at Sheds Direct Ireland, we might not be compost experts but if you need any information related to our metal compost bin or anything related sheds for that matter, will be more than happy to help. We’re on the phone at (01) 864 4247 during business hours. You can get us on Facebook, you can chat away to us on the website (use the live chat down the bottom right, there).

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