Converting your Garden Shed into an office

Converting your shed into an office

Converting your Garden Shed into an office 

One of the only benefits that came with the dreaded COVID, was that many businesses started allowing their staff to work from home. With the major benefits being that staff avoided those stress inducing commutes, along with saving time in the process, it was a win win for most. However as great as not having to trek into the office everyday might seem, for many it’s important to separate work from home. So why not convert your garden shed into your very own private office! 

There are several companies that offer conservative styled office spaces however these options are all very expensive and excessive in what they offer. Converting a regular shed will be a fraction of the price and will likely be more than enough to have you working happily in the back garden. However, before do anything there will be a few questions you need to ask yourself.

A Shed converted into an office with a couch and a desk placed inside

Figure out your needs 

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide what exactly you’ll want in your new shed office, you’ll definitely be needing space for a desk but you might also need some room for shelving, printers etc. So before you buy anything be sure to get measurements right so that you’ll be right and ready when it comes to picking a shed.

Wooden Shed options are much better

You’ll definitely want to get a wooden shed option over steel for a variety of reasons. The major benefit being that wooden sheds are far more customisable in terms of size and adding extra features meaning it can be tailored to meet your needs. Another major benefit is that wooden sheds can be insulated and ventilated far more effectively than steel options, so when winter rolls around you’ll be far more happy in a wooden shed, trust me.

Pick your shed

With a focus now solely on wooden options, here at Sheds Direct Ireland, the shed we would recommend would be a barrel board pressure treated wood cabin or cottage shed (the cottage would be better suited to anyone slightly taller). Pressure treated wood is done to protect against the elements, fungus and rot. It makes your shed stronger and it should last considerably longer than an untreated shed. You won’t have to worry about upkeep either, as when it’s treated, your shed will require very little maintenance – there’s no need for the annual varnish! Both the cabin and cottage sheds can also be customised the size of your liking and windows can be added upon request.

Time to convert your shed 

With your shed picked and ready to go, it’s now time to ensure its office ready.

Electrical Installation

You may not need electrical installation if you can get extension cable out to shed. For those with a cord that just can’t quiet stretch that far you will likely need installation. Unless you have prior training or experience with electrical wiring, we would recommend getting in contact with a professional to save you a lot of stress and time. 


Insulation should be a much more manageable task and will be needed to keep the heat in during those typical cold Irish winters, using either foam board or spray foam in order to keep your shed office nice and insulated. 

Showing the insulating process in action. This will help avoid condensation in steel sheds. The photo belongs to Erik Mclean

Shed office Essentials

With your shed now all set for your perfect personal office there is a few other key things that may come in use. Depending on the weather a small heater may be appropriate to keep your office shed nice and cozy to work in. Our Glow Wick 240 would be the perfect option as its great for heating small rooms and sheds, it also requires no electricity as an added bonus. For those who haven’t went the electrical route and are looking for a way to light up your new office, our LED lights are a great option and are USB chargeable, so they can be charged in the house and brought out whenever you need to work late.

Well thats all folks, hopefully this blog has been of use to you in your pursuit of making the perfect office shed. If you have any questions, you can call us at 01 864 4247 or see other ways to contact us here.


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