Steel sheds Vs Plastic Sheds

Plastic Sheds vs steel sheds

Steel sheds Vs Plastic Sheds

If you’ve looked at any shed company based in Ireland, you might have noticed that very few of us sell plastic sheds. It’s not an oversight. Plastic sheds just aren’t popular with Shed Sellers. Why? Put simply, they’re a hassle for everyone involved. Sure, they’ve got a nice price-tag and some of the photos are very inviting, but people who make a business out of selling Sheds don’t rate plastic sheds. They’re not made for Irish weather and while they’re cheap, they are bad value for money.


The Benefits of Plastic Sheds

Okay, so we’ll start with the good stuff. The main benefit of a plastic shed is fairly apparent:  they’re very cheap. You can pick up a decent sized plastic shed for a little bit less than a steel one. Plastic is very cheap to produce and as a result, they’re pretty affordable. Even large sized ones aren’t going to burn too big of a hole in your pocket.



Plastic Sheds generally connect together quite easily too and you could complete the assembly of a Plastic Shed in about half the time of a Steel Shed, for example. Most plastic sheds require very little tools too and they can be generally ‘clicked’ into place. These benefits obviously come with some down-sides, as we’ll see later, however.


Moving Them

Moving a plastic shed can be an absolute doddle too. You can simply get two able-bodied people to lift them from the edges and move them around the garden with relative ease. Realistically speaking, you could probably lift one of the smaller ones on your own. So if you need to move your shed for whatever reason, a plastic shed is hard to beat.


They can go on grass

A grass field at sunset

Plastic sheds can be placed onto the grass. However, there is a major caveat on this one. Yes, they can go on grass, but to avoid condensation, animal infestation or mould formation, you should ideally have some sort of heavy-duty base under them (e.g. concrete, paving slabs) as well as a damp-proof membrane underneath the base (if it has one).

We’ll look more at this fact as we look at the downsides to plastic sheds.


The Cons of Plastic Sheds

Alright, so you’re amped up having read the above and you’re on your way to get a new plastic shed. But hold on there, Teddy. We’re not done yet. That cheap price-tag comes with some conditions.


Plastic Sheds are prone to mould

So, Plastic Sheds can go on grass? Well, technically yes. You can technically also put your feet in hot lava if you want to, but it might not be a great long-term plan. Plastic Sheds that are put on grass will be very, very damp. Especially in the Irish climate. They’ll suck up moisture like Spongebob on a sesh. Given that plastic sheds can be more air-tight than wooden or steel garden sheds, this means you’re only asking for mould formation in your shed.

Mould Close up shot


They’re extremely lightweight

A quick search of plastic shed reviews will make one thing very apparent; they’re not made to take the elements. Simply googling ‘plastic shed reviews’, throws up a plethora of unhappy customers who are amazed at how lightweight their sheds are. Below are some reviews from Trustpilot, Amazon and other review sites:


Plastic Sheds Reviews



They look very cheap

I mean, these sheds are always going to look, well, unquestionably plastic-y. We obviously can’t use the images from other companies that do sell Plastic Sheds, but if you’ve been looking around at them, you’ll have noticed they’re a bit more Wendy-House than shed. If you’re going to be looking at something in your garden for the next couple of decades, it may as well be easy-on-the-eye.


They’re not made to last

‘I got a plastic shed there a few years back, but it’s not up to much’, could be the catchphrase of a bargain-hunter than got stung in our showroom. They discolour quickly, they’re wetter than an a Sharks dinner and they can blow over easier than a house of cards. It’s no surprise that they’re regularly replaced before they get anywhere near double-digits in years.


So, Are Steel Sheds better than plastic sheds?

Are steel sheds better than plastic sheds: a summary

Yes, Steel Sheds are a considerably better option than plastic sheds. Steel Sheds will last longer, they will handle moisture better, they’re sturdier and they are better adapted for the Irish climate than plastic sheds. Plastic sheds are cheap – but with good reason. If you want a shed that’s made to last, put plastic out of your mind and look at all the Steel Sheds available on the market.


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