5 Reasons why you need a Door Canopy

5 reasons why you need a door canopy

5 Reasons why you need a Door Canopy

Here at Sheds Direct Ireland, we sell high-quality door canopies. They’re the bees knees and they’ve probably the most popular non-garden shed product that we sell. If you don’t have one – or if you don’t understand why people are clamour to get their hands on them, read on. 

A Door canopy above a grey, heavy steel looking door. The walls are white and red. The house looks moder. The canopy, arches over the doorway.

  1. They keep you and your guests dry on your doorstep

    The Rolling Stones knew the suss with Door Canopies. Gimme Shelter and all that. Keith Richards was never drowned as he went out for a cheeky smoke outside the front door. Ronnie Wood was never stuck on his doorstep fumbling for his keys during a heavy downpour. Mick Jagger’s guest’s never had to stand around getting washed away with rain as he chicken-strutted to the door. Door Canopies are perfect for keeping you and your guests dry out the front (or back) door. 

  2. Protect your door from the Winter elements. 

    It’s one thing getting your guests wet – it’s another to let your door get battered by it. We all know that constant rain on anything isn’t good. Look at the effect continuous rain has on roofs, cheap tile or the spirits of revellers at a music festival. Devastating. Adding a canopy above your door is one of the most cost-effective (and dare I say beautiful) ways to protect your door from adverse weather. Acidic rain doesn’t get near your elegant entrance and your door is kept in top nick. 

    A Door Canopy above a sliding door. The
  3. Protect your door from Sun / UV Rays!

    Adverse weather works both ways. I mean, sure, we don’t get a hell of a lot of sun in Ireland, but these Door Canopies are UV Treated for when we do. If you’ve got a South-West facing door, you run the risk of Fading on any wood elements that are getting battered by the sun. Stick a canopy up over it and you’ve given your door a nice bit of cover and added years to its life. 
  4. Simple Assembly

    Our canopies come flat-packed for self-assembly. This phrase can sound daunting, but there’s more work involved in making dinner than piecing these together. The large canopy consists of one polycarbonate piece, two brackets and a few screws. If you can put a piece of paper in an envelope, you can do this. Oh, but you will need some basic tools. 

  5. Cheap as chips

    At the most expensive end of the canopy-spectrum, you’re looking at €120 for a canopy. When you look at the benefits above, you’ll know that’s nothing. These are built to last and unless we suddenly get hit with a hurricane, you can rest easy that they’re there for a while!


If you’re looking to get your hand on a super door canopy from Sheds Direct Ireland, you can check them out here!
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