Price Increase 2021

2021 Price Increase

Sheds Direct Ireland has always aimed to offer the highest quality sheds, heaters and garden products for residential properties at a great price. Our products are aimed at families and as a family-run company ourself, we know how important price can be in the decision to purchase anything. We will always endeavour to get the price down as low as we can, but sometimes the decision is out of our control.

We’ve always been very upfront with our customers about our business. We’ve previously given you the advantages/disadvantages of building your shed yourself, we’ve explained why there was a 10-week wait on Wooden Sheds in 2020 and we’ve explained why you need to use the fuel that the manufacturer advises in your heater. Today we’re talking about why we have to raise our prices in 2021.

Cost increase across the board

2020 was a weird year, you don’t need to have me to explain that to you. While it caused some industries to take a large hit, others were overrun with demand. Steel manufacturing was one of these that was overrun this past year. Demand for steel is at an all-time high, but the quantity of steel available is pretty stagnant. As a result, the costs have ramped up at the production level.

Some of you will know that some of our sheds are made in Co. Westmeath, however, we also import some of our sheds from mainland Europe. The cost of shipping has also ballooned (over 6-times what they were), so it’s unavoidable that the prices will need to go up. The additional shipping/freight charges will also affect our heaters, garden products and everything else coming in from Belgium or The Netherlands.

Oil Prices

Our oil prices will be going up in 2021 due to the increased carbon tax in 2020 (Which we didn’t pass onto the customer). Our oil prices have remained the same since 2014 (you can see this on the Internet Archive webpage here, as evidence of this) but in 2021 this will need to be adjusted.


Maintaining Value for Money

While it’s necessary that we raise our prices, we will still be offering the best value for money on top quality steel sheds. There are no other shed companies offering our quality of steel sheds at our prices – they’re not even close. Our sheds are perfect for anyone who needs a garden storage space but who doesn’t need to be paying off a shed for the next two years!

On top of a great product, we also offer a great service – we’re the only shed company in Ireland with such an in-depth FAQ section, we’re the only one giving you all the details before you buy and we’re at the end of the phoneline during business hours to help you out with any issue you might have, whether it’s pre-sale or post-sale.

Add to this that we’re the only shed company in Ireland that is All-Ireland Business All-Stars Accredited – and if that’s still not enough, we’re the highest rated Shed Company on Google Maps (and we have the most reviews too!).

We know what our customers want and what they expect. The goalposts are changing in 2021, but we’ll make sure that we still keep you, our customer, as our number 1 priority.


The Bottom Line

Our prices increase are unavoidable, but they won’t prevent us from offering the best prices for high-quality steel sheds, heaters and garden products in Ireland. We’re always listening to our customers and we know that moving forward we will still be able to give them what the want for a price that they can afford.


-The Sheds Direct Ireland Team

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