5 reasons why you need the Ronan Heating

5 reasons why you need the Ronan Heating with orange background

5 reasons why you need the Ronan Heating

As the Summer months are quickly approaching, you’re going to be spending more and more time in your back garden. Well, Sheds Direct Ireland have stepped up once again by bringing in the ultimate outdoor heater to instantly transform your outside area or gazebo, into the place to be this summer. Keep your guest nice and toastie while signing along to summer jams with our Ronan Heating Bluetooth Speaker.

Why does your garden need this special piece of kit? All is explained below.


A picture of the Ronan Heating on a green background with text above it that reads 'The Ronan Heating'. White musical notes appear behind it and below it there is small text that reads 'stereo sound bluetooth speaker and infrared heater'. The bluetooth logo is beside this in red


1. It’s the perfect addition to any garden or outdoor dining area:

If you’re thinking of entertaining your friends and family during the colder winter months or long summer nights, you’re going to need to make sure everyone isn’t shivering over their plates. Having a quality, outdoor radiator present for back garden gatherings can keep all involved cosy and content, even when there’s a nip in the air. The Ronan Heating is the perfect addition to any garden bar, dining area or gazebo. Picking up one of these bad boys will save you scrambling around the house looking for blankets and jackets for guests.

On top of this, it will allow you to play music straight from your phone through bluetooth. Whether you feeling ‘Hot in here’ by Nelly or ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys, choose any song you like to set the mood for the evening.


A group cheers during a outdoor dinner party heated by the Ronan Heating

2. Where do I place my Ronan Heating?:

The Ronan Heating is like Steven Gerrard in his prime, you can put it in any position and it will just perform effortlessly. One of the main benefits of this brilliant product is its super flexible when it comes to location in your outdoor area. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or even hung from the ceiling meaning you’ll never be stuck for a place to mount this musical gem.

Oh but there’s more!! The Ronan Heating can be rotated 45° on it’s hinge. This is super handy when it’s horizontal as it gives you the option to point and position the Infrared furnace in any direction you like. I understand if you want to jump off and order this without reading on!


3. Show off your Spotify playlist to friends and family:

Do you consider yourself a bit of an undercover DJ, well now is your time to finally show it! The Ronan Heating is a ‘3D Stereo Sound Bluetooth Speaker’ that connects to your phone. It works with both iOS & Android, so all you need to do is connect up your phone and you’ve the freedom to play your favourite songs from any music platform, whether that is Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.

That’s not all, depending on your type of tv, this beauty can be used a sound bar if you’re looking to host an outdoor watch-along during the summer months. Imagine watching the All-Ireland Final, few beers with your buddies and the warmth on your back, that’s enough on its own to pick up the Ronan Heating if you ask me!

Looking for some inspiration on what songs to play through this sizzling Speaker? Check out our playlist of songs to stay warm to!


4. Why are Infrared Heaters better?:

Simple. Efficiency

Not only does the Ronan Heating blare your favourite music straight from your phone, it’s more efficient than a German shortcut when it comes to energy usage.

What do you mean Infrared, you’re probably asking? To simplify, it turns convecting electricity into radiant heat. The beauty about this is that it directly transfers the hotness from the product to the object/person it is pointed at. There’s no such thing as wasting energy by warming up the air around it like other radiators would do. This unit is as efficient and controllable as they come.

Electric Infrared products like the Ronan Heating are also much better for the environment than your regular fuel heater. They don’t release toxic fumes into the air while functioning or rely on fuel/oil which also gets a big thumbs up Mr. Green.

What does all this mean? This beauty is supreme for warming up your outdoor seating, bar tables etc, without damaging the environment or costing you a pretty penny! Are you starting to get a picture of it in your mind? Me too.


The Ronan Heater mounted on the wall


5. Don’t worry about Rain or Germs!

There’s nothing worse when the garden items you spent a considerable amount of money on, ends up getting all mouldy and slimey due to the vast changes in the Irish Weather. Well, when it comes to the Ronan Heating, you can cross this off your worry list. The manufacturer of this heater has said that this infrared beast offers germ resistance, meaning fungus and mould should not be a problem. 

Of Course, the Irish Weather can be super temperamental, sometimes leaving us with days of rain even during the ‘Summer Months’. Don’t worry, this unit comes with a waterproof bag so you can cover it up when not in use and it will have more protection than a scorpion with a shotgun.



An image of mould but crossed out indicating no mould


And that’s that! By now you should be fully convinced that the Ronan Heating is a bloody gem. If you’d still like more information, you can view the Ronan Heating on our website.

Looking for a different way of keeping you warm? Have a nice browse off our Heater Page here, where you’ll be able to see all different styles and models to keep you warm indoors and outdoors.

Any questions? Get in touch with us through the livechat function on our site, call us at 01 864 4247 or message us on Facebook or Twitter. We’re only available during business hours as we’re off sitting under ours listening to our ‘Best of the 80s playlist’ but if you get in touch after hours, we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back in the office.

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