Steel vs Wood: whats the difference between them? 

Steel Sheds VS Wooden Sheds : Whats the Difference

So you know you want a shed, but you can’t decide if you want a Steel one or a Wooden one, right? Happens all the time. “Are steel sheds better than wooden sheds?”, or “are wooden sheds better” are questions that we get asked quite a lot here in Sheds Direct Ireland, so we’ve decided to make this handy, complete guide to the differences between Metal and Wooden Sheds. We hope it helps.

The short version

Steel Sheds’ Best Points:

Wooden Sheds’ Best Points:

The Detailed version

STEEL VS WOOD is the text emblazoned over this image of two sheds side by side. Behind the text on the left is a tall, green steel garden shed. To the right there is a tall, narrow wooden garden shed which is almost golden-brown in colour.

Today we’ll be looking at the differences between Steel and Wooden garden sheds. What separates them from each other and why you might punt for one over the other. 


People are often surprised to learn that Steel Sheds are considerably less expensive than wooden sheds. Typically Steel Sheds come in at about half the price of a wooden one. As the size of the shed increases, a metal shed can be a third of the cost of it’s wooden equivalent. 


If you’re looking for a hassle-free shed, you probably won’t get less hands-off than a steel garden Shed. Once it’s up in the garden, it’s good to go. You will need to clear the gutters every now-and-then and treat scratches as soon as they occur, but otherwise they’re hassle-free. We offer an 18-year Rust Perforation Warranty on all our Classic Range of steel sheds too – so that should give you an indication of how well built and robust they are. 

Wooden Sheds are a different beast altogether. If purchased untreated, the shed will require annual varnishing or wood care. This can suit some people, who wish to change the colour of their shed annually too. If you want to avoid the regular upkeep, you can get Wooden Sheds that have been Pressure Treated, which negates the need to treat them annually. 

Typically, the felt roof lining on wooden sheds will last 10-12 years. If you plan on having a shed for longer, check out the steel shed upgrade available. 


Steel Shed are hard to beat if you’re looking to keep stuff out of the rain, away from frost or deter rodents. They’re structurally more solid for a start, with no gaps being present in their build and they’re also water and fire resistant as standard. If however your base is not level, rainwater may run under the base. This can be avoided by ensuring your base is level, or sealing the shed internally with Tec-7. 

Wooden Sheds, if pressure treated, are for the most part hunky dory too. They wouldn’t be as solid as the Steel, but they’re still pretty good in terms of their weatherproofness. However, Rustic Style sheds would be the glaring exception – even when they’ve been pressure treated. The wood overlaps on Rustic Sheds, creating small gaps, which allows the likes of Damp, Frost or little furry creates to get in. 



Because of this, Pressure Treated Rustic Sheds don’t get the breathable internal membrane that the other wood types get when they’re pressure treated. We wouldn’t recommend keeping anything that would be damaged by damp in a Rustic Shed, because of this. 

Overall, our Heavy-Duty, PVC Cladded Sheds would be our most weatherproof. The PVC Coating makes it the best choice externally, as PVC is one of the best waterproof coatings available for metal sheds. Inside, all the PVC Cladded Sheds come with an anti-con lining, to reduce the risk condensation and maintain temperatures at a more manageable level.  

the anti condensation roof lining of a heavy duty shed



Wooden Sheds can be customised to your heart’s content. If you want to add extra doors, move the window, add a cat flap or flower box – or well, pretty much anything else – you can do it with a Wooden Shed. Let us know what you’re thinking of and we’ll tell you if it can be done. By far the reason people punt for wooden sheds is because of their visuals. 

Steel Sheds are less flexible in this regard. While the locks or internal linings can be changed, the style is as it is. You can paint it with specialist metal paint for Hammerite for example, but metal sheds typically don’t pride themselves on their visual options. 

a photograph with drawn on graphics highlighting some of the customisation options available for a Wooden Shed. These include Spanish Locks, Moving the Winow, adding an opening window or adding a cat flap.


Steel Sheds would appear to be the most secure at first glance – they’re steel after all, however as with anything in life, if someone wants in they’ll find a way. 

It’s estimated that it would take someone twice as long to get into a wooden shed as opposed to a steel shed. You can minimise risk by investing in a good look and lighting your shed up at night with a motion sensor light, for example. However we can’t (and nobody can) guarantee utmost security in any of our sheds. 


As standard sizes go, there would be more sizes available in wooden sheds. We can offer sizes from 6ft x 4ft all the way up to 20ft x 10ft, with a lot of variation in between. Our Steel sheds come in 8 sizes as standard, excluding the the PVC Cladded ones which have 6 further sizes. 

However, If you have something specific in mind size-wise, contact us to see if we can work something out.  

The Colossus Steel Shed in green on the grounds of the Sheds Direct iRELAND SHOWRROM IN NORTH DUBLIN. The base is a golden brown and the sky is bright blue. The shed is sturdy looking, the doors are closed and there is a pricelist stuck to the door.

Steel Vs Wood: Verdict

Phew! You made it all the way here. So you can probably see that Steel Sheds are the preferred option for most people. All Weather Steel Sheds are affordable, secure and built to last. Wooden Sheds would be more for the visual impact, or perhaps for gardeners, who want something a bit more breathable. 

If you were lost in some of the jargon on this page, you can learn the difference in Wood Types on this page.

At the end of it all, the choice comes down to what you want, as well as what you might need. Use our guide above to help steer you in the right direction and call us at 01 864 4247 or message us on Facebook if you’ve any other questions that we haven’t answered. 



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