Frequently asked questions.

General Help

No, structures under 25 meters squared do not require planning permission, subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to your local planning authority for any queries you may have.

We get this question a lot! So we’ve made a handy, easy to read guide – you can check it out here.

We do not offer site visits for any of our Sheds.

Simply just choose something from each one of the dropdowns to get an instant quote. If you’re still stuck, you can see how to do it over on youtube.

After Sales

First, check your emails – and if it’s not there, check your spam folder, just in case. Many of our items are dispatched with a tracking number or details of the delivery information. You can use this to see the status of your order.

In the unlikely event that you have not received your metal shed by the date advised at time of order please contact our customer services department on (01) 864 4247.

Please note: We use an external courier company for deliveries outside of the greater Dublin Area. Therefore we cannot advise of the time of delivery or guarantee the date of delivery. We can only run on estimated dates. During May-August, please allow for additional wait times.

Email us at [email protected] if you need some further help.

Contact our customer services team on (01) 864 4247 as soon as possible so that replacements or spares can be arranged. A full parts list is supplied with your shed and this should be the first thing that is checked before commencing assembly.

Damages must be reported in writing within 14 days of delivery.
You can contact us here.

Please Note:

  • Having your invoice number to hand as you call will speed up the process significantly.
  • Part numbers for missing parts on any flat packed products must be quoted to our customer services team (you can find these on the instructions). Replacement parts will be sent by a signed courier and can take up to 2 working days to arrive.
  • Photos and / or a site visit may be requested for any damages to your metal shed to rectify matters in a professional manner. You may be asked to send videos / pictures through our whatsapp number 085-7145148 to assist wit your query

We will not accept returns or cancellations if your order has been altered by applying chemicals or paints to the surfaces or by altering or customising the item in any way. You must keep any items you intend to return in the same condition as it was delivered in (i.e. boxed up and unaltered / unused)

Items that are in our clearance / Sale range can not be returned for a refund if you simply change your mind, it is at the stores discretion to offer an exchange or credit note.


(Please refer to our Returns Policy and out Terms & Conditions for further information.)

Yes, we have a page with the instructions for our sheds, heaters carts and more here. It’s not complete, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us at 01 864 4247 or message us on facebook.

Shed Base Requirements

Your base should be reasonably level. Wooden sheds are built up on 4″ solid blocks on level base. 

You can see how many blocks you need for your shed here. 

You will not need to position these blocks in any particular way, just have them to hand so that our wooden assembly team can easily access them. They will take them as needed and build up from there. 

No, unfortunately not. 

Some people go out and build lovely concrete pads to build their sheds onto. Others want the shed on the ground so that mice can’t get in under it. However, wooden sheds need to be raised off the ground so that they don’t rot from the base up. 

All steel sheds need a solid, level base. 

These bases must have a damp-proof membrane incorporated into them; if it is not possible for your base to have this membrane, you will need to look into finding ways to keep moisture down, yourself. 

Concrete, paving slabs, tarmac, hardcore stone and our own ShedBase are all suitable bases for steel sheds. 

The base should be level and solid throughout and it should be slightly larger than the footprint of the shed. We recommend at least a-half foot larger on each side. This will allow you to bolt the shed down without cracking the base. 

Here are some photos of suitable bases:

Concrete Slab

For more information about suitable (and unsuitable bases) read our guide here:

It’s all about the Base!

Yep sure can – Check out the ‘Laying a Base‘ page of this website which gives guidance on building a suitable base. If you’re looking for something even easier, check out our simple Shed Base product that goes together effortlessly.

Please note that we do not lay bases as part of our assembly service.

We do advise that all bases must be solid and level to prevent future issue. We also stress that a damp-proof base/membrane is put into place under your base (to reduce condensation in the Winter months).

Steel Shed Self Assembly Questions

If you haven’t checked and separated all your parts before you began construction (tut tut), you may be wondering where Part 6 is.

It’s kept between your gutters. Separate them and you should find the elusive Part 6 for over your door.

Our sheds require at least two people to assemble and for people with experience with large flat-pack assembly, they should pose little issue.

However, if you’ve not attempted something like this before, we would recommend that you read our guide here, before you choose to assemble it yourself. Unexperienced builders may take considerably longer to build a shed than the timeframe stated on the front of the instructions. 

Please note that the larger sheds require stretching and the use of a tall ladder to correctly assemble. This may be dangerous for people with little construction skills. We do not recommend undertaking this task alone, without the proper materials and in dangerous weather.

A man with a drill in his hand on a ladder assembling the roof of a steel garden shed A man in a hi-vis jacket kneeling on the edge of an assembled, green shed. He has both hands on the shed

If you think that you may need assistance having read our instructions ahead of time, we strongly recommend that you opt for assembly. 

But yes, we can offer limited assistance from our store – however, please note that this isn’t instant and you may need to wait until a member of the assembly team is available to assist – especially if your question isn’t a typical one.

If you need hep, call our Customer Service Team at (01) 864 4247, message us through WhatsApp at 085 7145 148 or email us at [email protected].

We will answer any queries during opening hours. Our opening hours are:

  • Mon to Thurs: 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Fri: 9.00am to 4.00pm
  • Saturday 10am to 4pm
  • Sunday – closed
    • Closed for lunch: 1-1.30 Monday – Thursday


‘There are no holes in the door bar above the door!’ is a common dilemma that people face. Part 7 (the door runner bar) is aluminium bar and it can be screwed through with a manual screwdriver, almost entirely effortlessly.

Exterior view of screws going through the frame above the door

Just remember to keep in mind that you should be aiming for the gap in between.

The correct position for screwing through the aluminium frame over the door in the Classic Range of Sheds from Sheds Direct Ireland

Part 6 is is a piece of metal that is only for aesthetics that sits over this and you can screw through this also.

This part often confuses people, so don’t sweat it. The Metal frame that comes with our Steel Sheds has a page dedicated to it in your manual. This may be the last page of the instructions, or a separate page altogether, depending on which shed you have purchased. If you have lost yours, you can find a copy here.

First off the instructions page is showing two variations at the same time. So you don’t have to make it exactly as seen. You will obviously need to have the four outer bars to support the shed, but the rest can be changed depending on what you want to do

We’ll start with the first option. If you’re planning on pouring concrete over the base of the shed, the outer 4 bars and the bars in yellow are all you need:

You will have no need for parts ‘W2’ in this instance and as such, you can just slide these bars into the port holes and it will all click together:

Port holes for the steel shed base

Simple enough.

However, if like the majority of people you’re building the shed without locking the base in place, you will need to avoid using the port holes and instead use the pilot holes on top.

Simply place the 4 outbars down and build the inside as close to the diagram as possible, but don’t slide the ports into the port holes. If you do, you will either have too much or too little space for the W2 bars depending on what shed you have.

Simply get the bars into position and screw them down at the pilot holes:

Pilot holes for the steel garden sheds

You’ll be laying the bars on-top of each other and screwing through these ports:

If that’s still unclear, give us a call at 01 864 4247 during business hours and we’ll see you sorted.

If your shed is on a solid, level base it shouldn’t need to be sealed. If however your base is slightly unlevel you may be experiencing some rainwater running through your shed.

We recommend sealing your shed with Tec 7 adhesive. For sheds, we’d recommend applying it to the inside of the shed – not the outside.

This is a popular question with self-assembling. If your roof panels won’t line up to the pre-drilled holes, that means you have more than likely made a slight mistake with the positioning of one of the pieces.

First thing you need to do is check that you are leaving the overhang for the roof. (example of roof overhang below)

Pictures of overhangs on steel sheds

Secondly, if you are leaving the overhang and they are still not lining up, this will be because you have placed one of the brackets facing the wrong direction. The brackets should be ‘facing inwards’ to the centre of the shed. See the example and diagram below.

Yes, but you will need to take the proper precautions.

We advise that you make sure the concrete and steel frame do not come into direct contact with each other. You may wish to line the edge with protective sheets or bonds. You can read about how concrete can prematurely corrode metal here.

As such, we do not recommend that you pour a concrete base into your shed yourself, unless you have a knowledge of what can happen and how to prevent the ill effects of concrete covered metals.

Steel Shed Specific Questions

We offer steel shed assembly nationwide. 

Prices for assembly can be found on individual products.

No, our shed team cannot install electrical products, plugs, lights, etc into a shed. As they are not qualified electricians, they are not in a position to do so.

Similarly, the installation team cannot install, make allowances for or assist with drains, pipes etc.

When you purchase shed assembly, you are only paying for a shed assembly service, all other peripheral tasks are not carried out by the assembly team.

It depends.

Our heavy duty sheds come in full walls, so these will require side-access with no height restriction to allow them to pass into your garden for assembly.

All our other steel sheds however come flat-packed. They can be brought through the house in boxes provided that you have a ‘clean-run’ through your house. In certain instances, the assembly team may need to move furniture to aid the moving of these boxes through the house.

*Please note: Should the shed need to be brought through the house, your floors may require sheeting to be placed down. Like with any labourer working outdoors, their boots will become dirty and your floors may become dirty during their visit. 

No, for the most part, all steel sheds are made ‘as-is’. The doors cannot be moved, nor can the heights, widths, etc. These items are flat-packed and they are built to spec. 

We can add a window to the Classic Range of steel sheds, but not any other type of steel shed. 

What is included:

  • The Steel Shed is assembled
  • The Smart Ply is cut to size and installed and installed

What is not included:

  • The foundation is not laid
  • The plastic is not removed from the shed
  • The plastic caps are not placed on the screws (this is optional and the caps will be left in the shed for self-application, if required)
  • The shed is not bolted to the surface (for legal / health & safety reasons, our team cannot bolt the shed to any surface as they do not know what is under the surface or if the base would crack)
  • Electrical work is not done. A certified electrician is required for any of this type of work.
  • Other products like shelves, tipping carts etc., are not assembled, only the shed.

For more information read our blog: What you get with Steel Shed Assembly

Our sheds are sold as seen; the sheds which have colour variations will notify you of the options in the dropdown menu. We do not offer any other colours than those listed. 

If you want to paint you shed, check out the array of Metal Paints at your nearest hardware shop, should you have your heart set on a new hue for you.

All of the shed sizes shown on the website are approximate and external sizes. All shed measurements include the 2” overhang required for the side guttering. Metal sheds are sold to the nearest foot, and they may differ plus or minus 10% in rare instances.

Please note all Imperial measurements are rounded to the largest whole number. 

Internal sizes are available, so should you require further sizes please call our Customer Service Team by phoning 018644247 or email them at [email protected] for assistance.

We do not make custom sized steel sheds

All our Steel Sheds carry a year Rust Perforation Warranty. On our Small Range, Classic Range, Cottage Range and Pent Range this is a 5 year Rust perforation warranty. On our Premium Range it is 8 years. On our Woodgrain budget range it is 1 year. On our  This means that providing the shed is not damaged, it is guaranteed not to be perforated through by rust for the number of years stated above. If the shed is damaged/perforated/cut open by any means, it is not covered by this warranty.

Please note the Rust Perforation Warranty does not guarantee against rust. Rust may appear on screws, panels etc. Our Rust Perforation Warranty is guaranteeing that the rust will not cut through the shed to the extent that it causes a perforation.

Our rust perforation warranty is void in coastal locations due to the high salt-content of the air. 

For more information, read our blog post: ‘What is a rust perforation warranty?’

We offer a one-year workman’s guarantee on sheds assembled by our team.

The Green is tecnically named RAL 6016, more commonly known as ‘Turquoise Green’.

(Please remember to turn off any ‘eye comfort’ modes on your mobile device to get a more accurate representation of this colour)

However, while this colour is standardised, we are aware that certain paint manufacturers do not match this colour. It would therefore be the customer’s responsibility to match this colour should they need to respray for any reason.

Steel Sheds will only be built by our team on solid level bases. Concrete, paving slabs, hardcore stone and tarmac are all acceptable providing that they are solid and level and larger than the base of the shed. Our Shed Base is also a perfect option.

Decking can be used also, but please note that the decking underneath may rot over time and your steel shed could sink.

You can see examples of what is a good base and what is a bad base here.

You can collect your shed in store, but only on Wednesdays, Friday & Saturdays.

Collection times are:

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 10.30am – 2.30pm

Let us know early on if you have any access problems. We will always try to accommodate any access issues.

For larger sheds, we offer to provide the sheds in sections so that they can fit through most entrances. Because this is a more complex and time consuming construction, this service incurs an additional fee. Please call us to discuss this with one of our sales team.

Some sheds come with a plastic film coating to protect it in transit and during assembly. It’s there to stop surface level scratches appearing in your shed.

If one of our teams assembles your shed for you, please note they will not remove the plastic covering from the shed. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove this if they wish to.

Most of our Steel Sheds come with a protective film which prevents the sheds from getting damaged in transit.

Most people who think their sheds are scratched, are actually looking at the protective film, rather than the sheets. Check out our image below to see the difference.

the sheet metal on the oremium sheds. One half has a coating of film , which is badly scratched, however the other side has had this film removed and it's very smooth and clear.

Remember, don’t use tools to remove the plastic film, as you may accidentally scratch the metal in doing so. Instead, you can peel the film from the corners and it will run down easily. Please also note that as stated on our website and in the documents that you receive upon order, our assembly team do not remove this film as part of their assembly service.

Our woodgrain sheds as noted on their pages however, can carry surfaces scratches. As the woodgrain effect is applied via a heavy duty sticker, it can carry some surface-level scratches.

A plywood floor comes with all our assembled sheds ad it is included in the assembly price. It is 18mm Smart Ply. Our team will cut the ply to size and fit it into your sheds as part of the assembly service.

However ply flooring does not come with flat packed sheds. The ply is too large to be taken by our couriers who deliver our sheds flatpacked. It comes in sheets that are 8ft x 4ft.

You can purchase Smart Ply yourself from any good hardware store. It’s about €25-30 a sheet, at the time of writing. You will however need to get it cut to size for your shed.

Please also note – that ply flooring sits on top of the internal metal frame. You cannot use ply wood as your solid level base for a steel shed. You will still need concrete, tarmac, paving slabs, etc.

It depends. 

Our Mammoth Sheds are build to deal with condensation. They are fully lined with anti-con felt. 

Other sheds will need intervention to prevent condensation forming. Condensation forms anywhere where warm moisture-heavy warm air meets a colder surface. This is especially common in Autumn / Winter months. The sun beams down on your lovely shed, warming it up. As the sun sets, the temperature outside drops but your shed stays warm and eventually condensation will form.

It’s not great ,as it can damage thing inside of your shed.

There are a few ways to greatly reduce the chances of condensation forming.

  1. Put a damp proof membrane under your base. This prevents damp rising and drastically reduced the chances of condensation forming. (The membrane should go under your base, not under your shed)
  2. Remove anything that generates heat from your shed, e.g. tumbledryers, fridges etc.
  3. Keep your vents clear. The vents allow air to flow through the shed and maintain similar-ish temperatures between the internal and external sides of the shed.
    1. Sheds with Anti-con roof linings (e.g. heavy duty sheds) do not require ventilation as standard, however we recommend airing them out occasionally.
    2. If your shed does not have vents or roof lining, it may need regular airing out.
  4. Put something like a moisture-catcher or dehumidifier in your shed. A dehumidifier may be difficult to get into your shed, but moisture-catchers are simple. Pop them in the shed and change them as required.
  5. Air out your shed regularly. Simply open the doors of your shed for an hour, once a week (when it’s not raining, obviously) and you should see condensation drastically reduce.

At the end of the day it comes down to reducing moisture and increasing ventilation. We live in Ireland, so it can be tough to do this, but by setting up the base correctly and making sure your vents are not blocked, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to avoid condensation.

Steel sheds require very little maintenance when compared to wooden sheds; wooden sheds require annual varnishing, as well as monitoring of the roof felt and ensuring that there are no critters living under your shed in the Winter months. 

For steel sheds, very little of this applies. However, we recommend that you:

  • Clean out your gutters at least twice a year – and again, after any particularly bad storms. 
  • Apply WD-40 to the sliding elements on your doors once a year. 
  • Perform an inspection of the panels of your shed; look for any scratches. If there are any, treat with a dry cloth and cover with an appropriate sealant. 
  • Ensure your air vents are not blocked. 
  • Make sure than any food stored inside your shed is sealed correctly when leaving the shed. 

This is a non-exhaustive list, so keep an eye out for any irregularities and address them as needed. If you have any questions or concerns about your shed, get in touch and we can advise from there. 

Steel Sheds can be assembled along the coast, however you would need to be aware that the stated timeframes for rusting is dramatically reduced. As stated on the Dahlstrom blog post about steel and coastal areas, ‘in the worst environments, it takes less than three years for some galvanised steel to show red rust’

Even with metallic coatings, layers of protective paint and epoxy coatings, steel sheds can ‘provide as little as 8 years of service’. It is essential that you maintain your steel shed regularly if you live in a coastal area.

Please note: For the reasons outlined above, any steel shed warranty offered is void in areas with high levels of salt in the air. 

You can, but you need to be aware of the risks.

  1. These sheds cannot be wired up by our assembly team, you will need a qualified electrician to do so.
  2. If you plan on putting a hole into the metal to feed electric wires through, please follow all the proper precautions when doing so. Please also note that cutting holes in your shed may cause rust to form and this will void your warranty.
  3. You will need to take steps to prevent condensation. Anything that generates heat in your shed will make the shed liable to experience condensation. You can read more about this in the question above, or you can call us at 01 864 4247 to discuss.

None of our sheds come insulated as standard and we do not provide and insulation service. Our Mammoth Sheds, however, are entirely lined with anti-con felt.

We have a guide on insulating steel sheds here. Many of the techniques here will be applicable to wooden sheds, however we’d recommend that you do the appropriate research and pre-planning before you undertake any insulating in your shed.

Wooden Shed Specific Questions

In a nutshell, Rustic is cheap, but is liable to damp. 
Deluxe is twice as thick as rustic and more airtight. 
Barrel board and Deluxe Pressure Treated both have pressure treatments applied and they both have an internal membrane inside the shed. 

For a more detailed run-down see the full differences here.

Customers pay a 12% deposit (in-store or over the phone) to secure their order. The wooden assembly team will be in touch closer to the assembly to provide a date and to take the balance payable. Payment must be made before assembly can be arranged.

No, unfortunately not. We no longer accept payment-in-full in-store or online.

A 12% deposit is all that is required initially. Our Wooden Assembly team will be in touch to confirm a fitting date & they will take payment / arrange the final payments with you at this stage.

No, we do not supply our wooden sheds flat-packed. They are only available supplied and fitted.

You just need a solid base. Wooden sheds must go up on blocks, which you will need to supply. You can see how many you need here.

All our Wooden Sheds will be assembled for you. Please note we only assemble/supply wooden sheds in the following counties:
Dublin / Wicklow / Kildare / Carlow / Wexford / Kilkenny / Meath / Louth

Yes, if you want to add some extras, we’d recommend that you contact us directly by phone at 01 8644 247. We can offer features like pet-flaps, window boxes, full skirting cover, removal of old sheds and more.

We add skirting to only three sides of the shed to allow airflow to circulate under the shed. If you are concerned about rodent nesting, we recommend that you use chicken-wire to section off this part of the shed.

You can add on skirting to the fourth side if you wish. There is a charge for this and you will need to notify us that it is required before your shed is built.

All of the shed sizes shown on the website are approximate and external sizes. All shed measurements include the 2” overhang required for the side guttering. Wooden sheds are sold to the nearest foot and may differ plus or minus 10%.

Internal sizes are available, so should you require further sizes please call our Customer Service Team by phoning 018644247 or email them at [email protected] for assistance.

At Sheds Direct Ireland we can make you a wooden shed to order.

We will require drawings showing your exact requirements, dimensions and a written specification (these do not need to be to an Architectural Standard). For all custom shed orders we require a 50% non-refundable deposit on order.

Custom sheds will require more time to make and we will return to you with a quote before ever commencing construction.

We can offer a cut-down service for your shed. The wooden team will make your shed with smaller parts, which can be taken through a house. This will incur a fee – see individual products for details.

Please note sheds that are 8ft x 6ft or smaller, do not require a cutdown service.

We offer Deluxe wood which is identical to shiplap in all but name. It is a tongue-and-groove board which is excellent in prevent water seeping into the shed.

Heater Questions

C1 Grade Paraffin, like Tozane. For more information, please see our Heater Instructions. 

No. No. No. No. No.

You cannot under any circumstances use Kerosene in any of our heaters. They will without question break the unit.

Use only approve C1 Grade Paraffin like Tozane in our heaters. They are safer, they will not produce such heavy amounts of soot and they will not clog and break your heater.

Example of a heater that has had kerosene used in it:

Thick clumps of black goo inside the filter of a paraffin heater, created by using kerosene in it

You cannot use Kerosene in any of our heaters. 

It depends.

Wick heaters will need to have the oil loaded into them and you will need to wait at least three hours for the wick to soak in this oil. Igniting the heater before this time will lead to the wick burning up prematurely and you will need to replace it. We’d recommend letting the wick soak for 5 hours to get the best performance out of it.

Fan-assisted heaters like the Inverter or the 4600 can be used out of the box, once the tank has been filled. It shouldn’t take too long for the oil to go through and it should be working within 10 minutes.

These heaters use ROLF fuel. ROLF stands for ‘Reduce Odour Liquid Fuel’, that is to say that while they are considerably less odourous than older paraffin fuels, they do carry an odour. Most people consider this to be a minor odour.

However some people are more susceptible to it than others. We recommend that you visit our store to see/smell a working heater for yourself before you purchase.

The heaters instructions contain details on how to change the wick. You can see how to change the wicks on our Wick heaters here:

Glow Wick 240 Wick Change

Glow Wick 290 Wick Change


All fuel burning appliances can produce nitrogen dioxide. This can irritate eyes or noses and be a trigger for asthmatics.

Similarly, fans are not recommended to be used by people with Asthma. Fan assisted heaters therefore while safe in-and-of-themselves, can raise dust etc and trigger asthma.

As a result, we do not recommend these heaters for asthmatics.

Most of our heaters have anti-topple features to prevent accidents. Some have in built alarms also.

However, our Wick Heaters can pose a risk of burning as they are hot to the touch. The Inverter heater has cool casing and as such, is safer in this regard.

Similarly, we would not recommend using a heater in an unvented area. Carbon Monoxide is created in miniscule amounts by these heaters as they burn fuel. This generally isn’t an issue for large, able bodied people – and especially if the room is vented. However for very young children, it is not recommended that fuel burning heaters of any sort are used in their room – and again, especially if this room is unvented.

All of our heaters are suitable for indoor use. The camping stove is the exception as it is not a heater, but as the name would suggest, a stove.

As with all our heaters, please use in a well ventilated area and please refer to the product page of individual heaters to ascertain if they have any other indoor use requirements. If you’re in any doubt, call us at (01) 864 4247

If you have used the wrong fuel in your heater, it is not returnable. C1 Grade Paraffin is the only acceptable oil for all our heaters. We strongly recommend that you use Tozane.

As stated on our Fuel Products Page, and on our Fuel Instructions guide, problems resulting from using the wrong fuel are not covered by our guarantee. We also outline what types of fuel can be used in these heaters in these guides, as well as our blog post on fuels.

If you have put oil into the heater and then change your mind about it, it is not returnable. Opened heaters which are not faulty are non returnable.

The Cooling off period does not apply in this instance. This is in line with CCPC guidelines that states there is an exception to the cooling off period for “items that have been unsealed or which cannot be returned for hygiene reasons, for example, underwear, cosmetics, earrings”

Other Products Questions

Water Feature Questions

In the vast majority of cases, Water Features that appear to not work, just need time to charge. Most people don’t read the instructions (tut-tut) and as such, the Water Feature isn’t prepared correctly.

You can read our guide to setting up you Water Feature here, but the short version is that you need to let your Water Feature charge fully before you connect it to the main unit.

If you’re taking a water feature of storage after the Winter you should read our guide: how to get your water feature working again.

If you’ve followed all these instructions and are still getting no joy, drop your Water Feature back into us and we’ll get it tested for you!

Business Questions

You can find us in Finglas!

Our Showroom & Head Office are at Unit 50, Jamestown Business Park, Jamestown Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.
Once you enter the Business Park from the Jamestown Road entrance, take the very first right. We’re right beside the RSA Driving Centre.

This link will open up our location in Google Maps.

We also have agents across the country:

Dempsey Sales & Hire
Eastern Road
Contact Karl Dempsey – 086-0644685 / 0214772124

Sheds Direct West
Tuam Road,
Google Maps:
Contact Ned Delaney: 085 152 6951

We offer delivery and assembly in Ireland & Northern Ireland on all our flat packed steel shed products.

Wooden Shed delivery locations are listed in the large orange box here.

Check the individual products on the website and enter your county to get an estimate of delivery charges. Alternatively, please contact a member of sales on (01) 864 4247 or [email protected] for a delivery cost to your location.

Our showroom opens 6 days a week.

Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 5pm
(We close from 1-2 on Wednesdays)

Friday 9:00am to 4pm

Saturday 10am to 4pm

We close on Sundays.
We close for bank holidays.
Please check our Facebook account for all other major holiday closures. 

In short yes, as it may be necessary to give your address details and name, etc to delivery drivers, fitters or agents etc., so that they can correctly build/deliver your shed to you.

Please see our Privacy Policy section for all information related to any questions you may have in this area.

Yes we do – and you can Find it in Finglas!

We have a show room for you to visit in our head office in Unit 50, Jamestown Business Park, Finglas, Dublin 11.
See it here on Google Maps.

Yes – most products can be collected in store. 

However Steel Shed collections are only available for Collections on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Friday and Saturdays, 10.30am – 2.30pm.

Wooden Sheds are built to order, so they cannot be collected in store. We do not supply Wooden Sheds flatpacked.

Payments Questions

Funds are debited from your account at the point of order.

We can accept payment on delivery of steel sheds in the Dublin area.
For all Wooden Shed orders, a 12.5% deposit is required.

For all other products and for all other locations, payment must be made before we can ship the goods. They leave with a third party courier, who cannot accept payment on our behalf.

We currently accept payment over the phone, as online and in-store.

Online, you can pay for your order by Debit, Credit Card or HummFinance.

We also accept payment by Bank Transfer, Bank Draft, Postal Order or Cheque. Please note that for these payment options, we will have to wait for the funds to be cleared before we can dispatch the order. This can take up to 10 days.

You can pay by cash or card in our Finglas Store. For local deliveries / Fittings of metal sheds from our head office, you may pay by cash on delivery. a deposit is payable on order .

Once your order has been placed and paid for, you will receive a receipt to the email you provided at the Checkout.

Later, a staff member will contact you to confirm your order and if necessary, arrange delivery/assembly times with you.

See our guide: ‘What to expect after purchasing a shed‘ here for all the details.

Via the website This is as normal when ordering online. Simply add the products to the cart and pay by card.

If you see a product you like, but have some questions, call us at 01 864 4247 and one of our team will call you back asap to answer your questions. You can then choose to continue with your order online, or over the phone with the team here.

Via the telephone: Simply call (01) 864 4247 and our sales advisors will answer any questions you might have. We can arrange deliver, collection and payment over the phone.

In Store: You can place an order in store with one of our Sales Team in store who will arrange payment, delivery and answer any questions you might have, face-to-face.

It is our policy that all sheds must be paid for in advance of assembly.

Under no circumstance will we assemble a shed without prior payment.

Items that are in our clearance / Sale range can not be returned for a refund if you simply change your mind, it is at the stores discretion to offer an exchange or credit note.

If you change your mind about a purchase, you have no rights under consumer law and the retailer has no obligation to take back an item that is not faulty.