Confused by the jargon of sheds? Don’t be! This glossary will walk you through all the terms you might have encountered that don’t make sense to you! Can’t see something here? Let us know by shooting us a message on Facebook!

Sorted Alphabetically. 


Simply this just means ‘anti-condensation’. This is a lining that only comes with our Heavy Duty Sheds. Anti-Con roof lining is only required if the shed isn’t vented. It mitigates against condensation formation and also adds a small layer of acoustic protection, so the rain won’t sound as loud inside.


The Apex is the highest point of the shed. It’s usually pointed.

Barrel Board

Barrel Board is a wood style. It looks like a log cabin, i.e. the wood is ‘bulged’ as opposed to being flat. Here’s where you can see the differences between wood types

Braced Walls

Unlike the competition, our steel sheds all have braced walls. It’s a bar of metal that runs horizonally across the middle of the panels of the wall. It adds extra sturdiness to the sheds.

Cabin Style

The Cabin style is a wooden shed with a sloped roof. The slope can go front to back or side to side. Steel sheds with sloped roofs are called ‘Pent’ Sheds.


This is the name that we gave to our biggest shed, the 10ft wide, 12ft deep Steel Shed. See it here.


Cottage Style refers to sheds which have their apex to the side. Generally, this means that the door is on the ‘longer’ side

Deluxe Wood

Deluxe Wood is 22mm thick wood that is tongue and groove. Other companies may refer to this as ‘Shiplap’ wood, however, Shiplap wood is generally thinner than Deluxe Wood.


Our steel sheds are available flat-packed. This means that they’re in boxes, with all the screws etc all bagged up inside. Think of it like Ikea or other shops like this. They come in pieces and you use the instructions to assemble it yourself.


This is the name given to our 7.5ft x 7.5ft Steel Shed. It’s not too big, it’s not too small. It’s juuuuuust right!

Pent Roof

A Pent roof is just a sloped roof. It may be referred to as a ‘pitched’ roof, a ‘sloped’ roof or it can also be called a ‘Cabin-Style’ Shed. In Steel Sheds it will always slop from the front to the back, however in Wooden Sheds it can go front to back, or side to side.

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treatment refers to the chemical addiction to wood, prior to assembly. This prevents against rot, fungus growth and it deters rodents from chewing on it too. Our Pressure Treated Deluxe and Barrel Board Sheds all come with an internal membrane lining to maintain the internal temperature too.

Outlet Spouts

Most of our Steel Sheds have outlet spouts. They’re small ports connected to the gutters that allow the rain to flow out of. You can connect tubing or a hose to these outlet spouts to direct this rainflow into a collection barrel, for example.

Rust Perforation Warranty

Our steel sheds come with some form of a rust perforation warranty. This means that for X number of years, you can rest assured that you won’t get rust building up to such an extent that they cause holes. That’s not to say that you won’t get surface rust. The screws may appear rusty over time, but these can be easily replaced. Please also note that if the shed has been scratched or damaged to the point that the zinc coating has been cut through, you will need to treat this immediately so as to prevent the rust from getting into the metal.

Rustic Wood

Rustic Wood is our most affordable, but it’s a basic wood option. It’s half as thin as the Deluxe wood and it’s overlapped (like shingles) rather than interlocked. Here’s where you can see the differences between wood types

‘Solid Level Base’

You need a solid level base for your steel shed to go onto. You can’t place it on grass, soil or pallets. It needs to be something like concrete, paving slabs, tarmac etc. You can read more about what a base should (and shouldn’t) be here.

Tongue & Groove

Tongue and Groove is the method by which certain wood styles interlock. Generally, one side has a port and the other side has a point which connects into the port on another panel. This allows the wood to connect together. It makes the shed stronger than the overlapped board.


Woodgrain is a metal shed that has the appearance of a wooden shed. Our Woodgrain sheds make up our budget range and you can see them here.