How to get your Water Feature working again

How to get your water feature back working again

How to get your Water Feature working again

The spring is sprung,
the grass is riz,
I wonder …why my water feature isn’t working.


So the Spring is here and the good weather is on it’s way. You’ve cleaned out the shed; the garden furniture is set up again, the swing set is back in action and the water feature is, well, it’s not working. Don’t you worry you’re beautiful gormless head there. This is a common problem that’s easily fixed and we’re here to help.


Give is a wash

If your water feature has been stored inside over the Winter months (as recommended in the instruction), or even if you’ve left it outdoors, it’ll need a clean. Give the solar panel a once-over with a dry cloth and make sure that it’s not dirty or that it hasn’t tipped into a vertical position.

The Single Pot Water Feature from Sheds Direct Ireland


Disconnect the solar panel (and let it charge)

The most important thing to do to get your solar panel back working is to disconnect the solar panel from the main body of the water feature and allow it to charge for at least one day in direct sunlight.

If your water feature has been connected to the solar panel throughout the winter months, any little bit of energy it has taken in will have already been used up. The LED lights use very little energy, but the pump is quite energy-intensive. If you leave it connected up, even during these brighter days, it won’t be getting enough charge to meet the demands of the pump. By disconnecting it, the panel can get a full charge, begin working again – and it will work as normal from here on.

The Waterfall Water Feature from Sheds Direct Ireland beside the solar panel

It may need to be disconnected again if the weather is poor for a prolonged period during the Summer months, for the same reason. 


Put your solar panel back in place

When you’re putting your solar panel back, make sure it’s going somewhere that it’s getting enough light to be able to work. For optimal conditions, it should not be consistently in the shade and it should receive direct sunlight for the majority of the day. This may mean raising it up higher than the water feature itself.



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