Paraffin Wick Heater : The Kero 241


Battery powered means portable! 

No mains power required. You can take this heater around the house – or even camping!

Long Fuel Tank Life!

A full tank will last up to 64 hours. The heater burns on average only 0.23l/hour!

Super Safety Features!

In-built Tip-Over Sensor automatically shuts the unit down when it takes a knock.

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The Kero241a paraffin wick heater taken from a low angle agasint a wooden wall. The heater is short and squat looking and it is mostly charcoal black. There is a shiny, horizontal metal guard on the front and the same material beihnd the internal burner in the middle. There's one large, grey button on the right and a lever in the middle.
Paraffin Wick Heater : The Kero 241


A USB rechargeable electric heater

A spare wick is always handy to have to hand. They’re not expensive, but bought later on their own will incur a delivery fee. Why not add one today and save on delivery in the future?