What can you fit in a Colossus Shed?

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What can you fit in a Colossus Shed?

As far as garden sheds go, you’ll struggle to find one that fits your needs. It’s our biggest Classic Shed, but just how big is it? Sure, you’ll get your ride-on lawnmower into it, all your garden tools, the Christmas tree and decorations – but what about just sheer volume of things? Here’s a list of some less than usual items that you can fit into a Colossus Shed.

The Colossus shed in green in a garden, covered by a willow tree


A brief list of what you can get into a Colossus Shed

  • 30,390 standard coffee cups
  • 1 and a half African elephants (without bones)
  • All of Westlife, Take That, The Spice Girls, All Saints, Atomic Kitten and One Direction (with bones, and a bit of headroom left over too)
  • 19,450 litres of gravy.
  • 3,201 Pikachu Pokemon
  • Over 94,463 CDs.
  • 5,506,015 Jelly Beans
  • One very angry Goose
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Right, so we used the measurements on the Colossus Shed Page, i.e.:


The dimensions of the colossus shed in 2023


But I mean, let’s be reasonable here. I’m didn’t even attempt to work out the bit from the top of the eves to the apex, because people as attractive as I am, tend not to be great at maths. We worked off a simple cuboid and our measurements were: 10’2″ x 11’7″ x 5’10”, which means that you could hypothetically get more into the sheds than stated above. Anyway, this converts to 309.88cm x  353.06cm x 177.8cm. This works out at 19.45m3.

We then worked out the volume of all the items listed above (except the Goose) and divided them in. All items were rounded down.


Conclusion: It’s a big shed

The Colossus is a big shed. It is our biggest Classic Range shed. It’s about as big as a garden shed as you can get without getting into planning permission territory. If you need somewhere for your bikes, garden equipment, ride on lawnmowers or spare boybands, it’s tough to beat.

An Off-white colossus shed in a garden in Mayo

Contact Us

Need to know how many John Lennon Statues you can get into it? How many unstable sea-mines? Well, frankly you’re on your own. Our sales team are not equipped for this level of nonsense, but if you want to ask them about the benefits of this shed, what base you’ll need or delivery prices, you can call them at 01 864 4247 during business hours. You can chat to your web-team on Facebook or you can slide into their DMs over on Twitter if you’d rather that.


A brief caveat: Our sheds can vary +/-10% in rare instances, so if you have a lot of boybands and girlbands standing about, you may need to leave out Zayn or Sporty Spice in these instances. 

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