A photo showing all of the hand trucks available from Sheds Direct Ireland. There are 4 very eye-catching ones; these include a lage birght yellow one which is thicker than the rest and it has a expanable footplate. There is an aluminium coloured one that is similar to the yellow, but it is thinner and less rounded too. There is a bright red sack truck that looks very simple, albeit sturdy and finally a silver and red hand trolley which has an illustration of the folding footplate on it.

Our Hand Trucks, Hand Trolleys and Sack Trucks are ideal for your office, warehouse, garage – or in the back of your delivery van. We’ve small, inexpensive ones, heavy duty, expandable industrial ones and everything in between, here at Sheds Direct Ireland. Order online here – or pop into us in our Finglas Showroom to grab one on the go!

Our trucks have load capacities from 150kg to 300kg and they all have high backs and sturdy footplates. Some offer wheel protection and knuckle guards while others have easy to use P-handles.

So whether you need to move some light boxes or heavy items like fridges and cookers, we have a hand truck, hand trolley or sack truck for you here!

Our Range of Hand Trucks

Hand Trucks

3 in 1 Trolley


Nationwide Delivery

From as little as €12

Range of options

There’s an a hand truck for whatever you need

If you can’t see what you’re looking for, don’t forget to check out our range of Carts, which might offer you a unique solution to your product movement needs. We also offer Loading Ramps if you need to get your stuff onto a van easily! If you want to ask us any questions, get in touch on the phone at 01 8644247 or message us on Facebook!

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